8-bit heart here!!

8-bit heart here!!

I created these centerpieces for my wedding but they are just lying around the house collecting dust!

I thought it would be a good idea to give them away to my subs!!

The first one I am giving away is this #7!! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!!

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next friday the 13th!



  2. i always wanted to meet u
    ur the best girl in the world everyone has to like u and can u please do a quake and bakeanoying orange or maybe slender man

  3. i so love everything u make u should be the worlds number 1

  4. I love it and im ihascupquakes biggest fan!!!

  5. Can I join a on minecraft maps or mini games ok and I want to play with skydoesminecraft too and can you also give me 8-bit heart here and sorry I post many comment

    I am a girl I know it crazy to have a name like iornman1 and that because I like to watch ironman movies so plz don’t judge me ihascupquake and do you bother watching these anime called Shugo Chara, Squid girl and kamikaze kaitou jeanne plz.

    Sorry I post so many comments my real name is Celia and I do have Skype but my eldest brother does get excited for having you tubers and I know I have a weird name so sorry I do swear sometime and plz let me join your vids too plz.

    I am also so SORRY!

  6. Oh I forgot where your place and I really want to join you vids so plz but I am small and I am 9 yrs old and even though I am small can I still join a map with you and no one ever accepted me.



  7. I really love your vids and I am hoping I will get one too and you were my first youtube and I think you are super duper
    Cool and you are special person and you are lucky too!

  8. Kenbridge 2431

  9. hi a wont a heart a pink one

  10. Cool that is awesome

  11. Tiffany can you do a minecraft card giveaway please!!!! I want to start playing minecraft with you!! But i dont have a minecraft username :( its only an email D:

  12. L.O.V.E IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  13. jendreamcrafter

    hi cupquake I love your vids haven’t missed out on one I would love your art I wanna be like you your sooo
    good at art I tried the slime jello icecream pops took a long time

  14. i loooove u!!!! im naming a baby bunny after u because you are the reason i love baking now!!!!!!!! her (or his) name is Cupquake (or Quake for short)!!!!!!!1

  15. Cupquake, I am a big fan of your videos and I <3 your minecraft series

  16. :) <3 i love your tumblr there is a moving picture it shows you dancing XD im sorry XD

  17. i know im sending alot but im a HUGE fan and when i say HUGE is because i see all of your videos :) :-)

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