Unicorn Bacon Cookies!

Unicorn Bacon Cookies!

I looove love love unicorns and rainbows so I was super excited to make these!

So I seen a tutorial of how to make bacon cookies!

The tutorial can be found here: www.notyourmommascookie.com/2012/04/bacon-cookies/#more-1022

So I decided to put my own twist on it and make Unicorn Bacon!  i have seen Unicorn poop cookies before so thought…why not bacon?

Im not even sure if unicorns have bacon…but it was just an excuse for me to make rainbow cookies!! Hope you enjoy!



  1. my spirit animal is a bat and I love these but I was wondering if you could make gast cookies?

  2. Rhiannon Stephens : September 6, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    I HAVE A A LITTLE SCARF HOODIE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! except it has a furry mohawk and it blue and purple. i wish i could show u a pic of it! and its sparkly. I LOVE U CUPQUAKE!!!!!

  3. Sooo cool!!!

  4. Cool

  5. […] Cupquake made some fun “Unicorn Bacon Cookies”. No, the recipe doesn’t actually call for bacon, but you could easily add it if you wanted. The idea is that unicorns are made of rainbows so the cookies are rainbow colors and formed to look like bacon strips. So, you get unicorn bacon strips. I loved the concept so much, I overlooked the fact there was no actual bacon involved and included it into this post anyway. […]

  6. I agree. Please make a Hunger Games art. Or at least a Minecraft Survival Games one.

  7. U r awesome can you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a hunger games art plz
    I would totally love that

  8. -Yay for Unicorn Bacin strips:D

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