8-bit heart here!!

8-bit heart here!!

I created these centerpieces for my wedding but they are just lying around the house collecting dust!

I thought it would be a good idea to give them away to my subs!!

The first one I am giving away is this #7!! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!!

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next friday the 13th!


  1. so sorry I’m late I’m starting a new house in minecraft not real life

  2. Your the only thing that keeps me waking everyday I have RSD but at the end of a painfull day u make me fill normall ihascupquake I love u ❤️

  3. It has been seen Molly ❤️

  4. Cupquake hi it’s me again Brianna I was just wondering is there any way I had all your other fans can send u mail If any body knows pls help me thank u bye

  5. That do not look like a fox sorry=(

  6. What does the

    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ^ ^ ‘
    ____________’ fox say

  7. Hi Tiffany it a a fan here to say something about my life. Ok it’s 4 o’clock and my friend is watching one of your videos. I was very upset that day and didn’t want to talk to ANYONE AT ALL…so she asked me to join watching the video. “Are you asking me to watch a video game played by a youtuber, good try.” I say rudely. She asks “only a minute please!!” “OK fine…” I say rudely. I take one look and I was amazed. What a beautiful girl sitting being a computer, so focused on the game. It was called minecraft. It was a sandbox game and it never ended. I lean closer and ask “who is that!!” “Her name is ihascupquake..” That was when my life changed. I went on my computer and instantly clicked subscribed. I started watching minecraft oasis episode 1. I was hooked. Thank you for helping me through the hard times, and the happy ones. Hope I meet you one day. Love you so much. You are like my sister. Forever

  8. You should give that stuff away to peaple who you think deserve it. Good luck iHascupquake

  9. breanna reynolds

    Play my seed on the xbox teff seed:78876423

  10. Hi I’m gonna send you some fan art! :D Please tell me where you live so I can mail it to you :D Oh and can you give a shout out to my channel?Its gonna future my art and me playing games! If so its Rachel Lackey ; I forgot my youtube name. lol


  12. hi I want a heart

  13. Hi again i really love all ur creative work!

  14. breanna reynolds

    I LOVE YOUR videos I watch the 1000th videos pice of qake video.

  15. lol soooo cool even though this is really late

    #ihascupquake forever!

  16. can i do a map with you? i do have youtube it is kitkatdoeseverything and i only have 12subs i would love to play woth you when i have a chance and also it would be great to have the 8 bit heart

  17. Hi!!! i think i watch your videos all the time! i love you so much!

  18. plz can you make a geegy goodies of something really girly or maybe a cute couple things something 4 u and mario


  20. i always wanted to meet u
    ur the best girl in the world everyone has to like u and can u please do a quake and bakeanoying orange or maybe slender man

  21. i so love everything u make u should be the worlds number 1

  22. i love your videos and you in them.i dont cear if i do not win this.but remmemder about your subs

  23. I’m not just commenting for the heart like everyone else is but I just think it would be amazing to know you’ve seen my comment

    P.S I’m from Newcastle United kingdom

    I’m a Geordie!!!!!

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