Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! – Quake n Bake

Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! – Quake n Bake

Hey Everyone! I got a ton of requests to make something Jack-O-Lantern, so in the spirit of Halloween season, I’m going to be making a Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! Here’s a quick summary:


For instructions on how to make, check out the how-to video below! If you decide to try this, tweet me an image or post it on our facebook page!

Thanks for watching!



  1. Hello what is her latest quake n bake vid

  2. cupquake I am your biggest fan!!!!!!
    I wish Icould meet you
    But I cant I live in UAE I wish you were my BFF
    I love yor vids
    I Love your vids
    I wish I live in Calrfournia
    again love your vids #cupqake fan
    Thanks for your time.

  3. you are awesome! do you live in witchita Kansas because I want to meet you! what is your phone number?

    by the way I am 8 my name is Lola and I’m in 3 grade.

  4. It’s like real life minecraft jack o lantern!

  5. Hi cup quake my name is Elise and I love your videos!!!! U r so awesome!!!!!!! I would subscribe to u, but my parents won’t let me get a YouTube channel, so that’s quite unfortunate. I love u cupquake/Tiffany!!!!!

  6. Cupquake! I am a big fan who loves your vids if u could tell me or email me how to send you a custom map or give me your email I would appreciate it I just found the new update and want to make u a custom map!!! Thank you lots o love FrostedFlaker aka Rose

  7. Thanx for making more minecraft cookis pls make more of u can

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