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Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

12 Lucky Winners* will receive Life Size Limited Edition Cupquake USB for Valentine’s Day! These USBs are 16GB drives and there are only 12 of these made! You will also receive a custom Valentine’s Card, created by Cupquake!  To enter, follow the directions below. Last day to enter the giveaway is Saturday, February 7th at 5pm…


Navi Ornament – Zelda – DIY GG

Hey everyone! For today’s Holiday edition of DIY GG, we’ll be making a Zelda Navi Ornament! For those of you who may not be familiar, she is Link’s persistent and helpful fairy guide. Let’s get started! You’ll need: Decorative Fillers (Or glittery modpodge styrofoam balls) ♥ Wire ♥ Scissors ♥ Pliers ♥ Iridescent paper (Or…



Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that the USB flash drives are finally available! There will be a limited supply of 5000 of them available (1000 being a bundle with a signed postcard) and make for an awesome Christmas gift! Thank you for all the support and Happy Holidays! Get your Cupquake…

Minecraft Silhouettes-resize

Minecraft Silhouettes – DIY GG

Hey everyone! Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to make a DIY GG based on these spooky Minecraft Silhouettes! Let’s get started You’ll need: • Heavy duty paper     • Exacto Knife     • Ruler     • Wire     • Wire Cutters     • Candles     • Scissors Step 1: Grab your heavy duty paper (I’m using one…