Enchanted Oasis – Season 2 – Mod List!

Enchanted Oasis – Season 2 – Mod List!

Hey everyone! Here are the list of mods I use for the new Enchanted Oasis, Season 2 series!

Currently running Minecraft 1.6.4 with Forge:

  • Ars Magical
  • Artifacts
  • Backpack
  • Biomes O’ Plenty
  • Butterfly Mania
  • Craft Guide
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Flowercraft
  • Grimoire of Gaia 2
  • Mr.Crayfish’s Furniture Mod
  • Little Blocks
  • Magical Fruits Mod
  • Not Enough Items
  • Optifine
  • Shaders Mod
  • Survival Wings
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thaumic Tinkerer
  • The Twilight Forest
  • Treecapitator
  • Woodland Creatures
  • Waila
  • Witchery

Thanks for watching!


  1. What biome is your house built in??

  2. what shaders pack do you use?

  3. Whats The Texture pack your using. Also GREAT JOB! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  4. We love this mod pack but me and my friend are having trouble finding the mods

  5. I love you soooooooo much your sooo awesome and your my favorite youtuber you should visit Michigan for a trip with red I watch you and Mario play could 9,Minecraft,oasis,flash Friday games, and mod showcases and a lot more and I hope to meet you one day:) I need to meet you. You make me sooooooooooooo happy when I’m sad soo I want to thank you for making me happy oh on Enchanted Oasis can you make pixart and can you show us one more time the old oasis! PLEASE! And remember I thank YOU!

  6. My daughters and I would love to play Minecraft with all of the same mods you use in the “Enchanted Oasis” series. However we are not experienced in adding mods to the game. Is there a resource you can point me to? Or would you be able to explain how we can add the mods you use? We have the list of mods and I’m sure we could find them but beyond that I’m not sure what to do. We have used the Technic launcher before for mod packs but we don’t see the “enchanted oasis” on there yet. Any help would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work my girls love watching you and Red.


  7. What is making u a wood nymph plz tell

  8. what is the seed for Enchanted Oasis????

  9. Hello!

    I am a mommy with a seven year old daughter who has been watching you since she was six. You have been a great inspiration to her and we look forward to watching you every weekend. We have played pocket Minecraft together and for her 7th birthday a friend bought us the PC/Mac version. We are completely new to playing on PC/Mac. She wants to install Mods and she wants us to play together in the same world. I have no idea where to begin. Would you have any recommendations on what to watch that will teach us both how to do this?. If so that would be great! Thank you for your help.

  10. What texture pack do you use? and shader? :)

  11. Hey everyone check out my channel on YouTube watch some series of minecraft like ” cloud 9, enchanted oasis, and my old oasis minecraft oasis”. Alot of you guys send me some facebook and twitter but I always try to read all of them but I’m sorry I didn’t have alot of time to spare. I love you all very much.

  12. Can we download the woodland creatures mod?

  13. When will the woodland spirit mod be available for download?

  14. what the ip to your server

  15. Could you possible make a pack for the technic launcher? that would be amazing! and i love your videos! long time subscriber!

  16. Omg I love your episodes

  17. He I am 10 and I would like if you mad it more awesome my sister she is 8 and she would love if you would love if you would announce her name which Is Lillie on the next episode please my name is Abby

  18. I am your biggest fan ever and can you get the mod where you can mairre pepole

  19. You should make a tekkit modpack because really like the collaboration of the mods in the new series

  20. Hey Cupquake,
    I’m a huge fan and always wanted to meet you but I never could go to any of the conventions but anyway I just wanted to ask two things 1) Can we possibly meet via skype someday and 2) Will there be link to these mods by chance or at least the names of who the mod is by??

  21. Hi Cupquake I have been watching your vids since your first video and love what you do. My brother and I want to make a youtube channel but I wanted some advice first. Can you help me?

  22. hey just asking are you using a texture pack ? If so which one ?

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