Ihascupquake.com is BACK!!

Ihascupquake.com is BACK!!

Hey everyone!!!

Ihascupquake.com is back and ready to rumble!!  For those of you wondering why I took such a long hiatus :

1: I got married!!!

Red and I had such an awesome time planning our wedding! It took alot of time and effort but we got through it!

2: I moved!!!

Since Red and I got married we moved into a house together! It was both of our first time moving so we had ALOT of stuff to move.  We are finally settled in and getting back into the nitty gritty

3: Site was attacked!!

Yes I know!! Who would do that?!!? My site was attacked with DDOS and trojans!! Right when Red and I found out about this we took the site down since we didnt want any of you getting a virus.  Sucks that there are such mean people out there but it happens : / . Red manages my site so since we were both super busy we couldn’t get around to fixing it till now.  We are keeping a close eye on things so with any suspicious activity we will be on it!

4:  I got 2 new babies!!

No not real babies….KITTIES!! Red and I adopted two kittens from the shelter and were working on getting them along.  All is well with Link and Navi

With that being said I have created two new shows on my channel that I’m really excited for!!! Quake N Bake and DIY Geeky Goodies!!

Expect ALOT more posts on this site and even behind the scene stuff that I will not show anywhere else!!

i appreciate all of the love and support you guys give and I am ready to take this to the next level!!!


Red and I.. starting our new life together! 2 player adventure mode START!



  1. Cup quake you are bet person ever.I love your videos.good luck

  2. I love your videos.I am such a big fan.good luck

  3. Where do you post the fan art

  4. Ihascupquake, everysince I saw your face on youtube (that was when I was five, im 10 now.), I have always dream a dream with u & red in it ( it would usually be minecraftbecause of the amouts of vids I see in 1 day o3o). But when I read this I had a dream where dis hater ha a plan to destroy ur website… please don’t ask the results. But anyway, WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING U GUYS?!?!?

  5. I am ur biggest fan I used to hate YouTube but when I saw u I don’t know if I can live without it

  6. Pls show this on ur YouTube Chanel if u do I will cry with joy and be the happiest person alive oh and I have a question can u say Pomeranian backwards

  7. breanna reynolds

    I cant see your live stream because I dont have a mobile device

  8. What texture pack do you use for your enchanted oasis???:)

  9. Cupquake, can u play some more Minecraft Oasis plz? also I love the mining segments in Oasis.

  10. I love you. You are amazing. I wish I could meet you. I live in Ohio . I love your videos. So come in Ohio some time okay? My minecraft name is olaffromfrozen byyeeeeeeeeeeer

  11. u r AWESOME i am SUCH a FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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