Minecraft Golden Apple Desserts!

Minecraft Golden Apple Desserts!

Made some Minecraft Golden Apple Desserts with a very good friend of mine!!

Hope you all enjoy it!  All of the ingredients are in the description.  Leave a comment on what you would like me to bake up next!!


  1. breanna reynolds

    You should make the bad nayan cat meow

  2. They actually look scrumptious and I am older and get kitties like you.

  3. I haven’t really made anything you post for Quake n, bake but i will,someday

  4. cupquake you should make a minecraft compass or clock cookie for your next quake and bake i think that would be cool.

  5. WOW this is amazing! I LUVE THEM

  6. That looks awesome you are the best baker ever!!!!

  7. This is a genius idea !!!!

  8. Hi, Ihascupquake! I made the cake pops you did for 4th of July. My mom loved the idea. I am your biggest fan (seriously. I watch every video you post) And I will try to get her to try these too! My favorite series of yours is Minecraft and Quake ‘n’ Bake. :) You have such good ideas. I really really really enjoy your videos and websites and I think you are the most fantastic rolemodel ever! I look up to you so much. I am a female gamer, I love art and animals. Thanks so much for being the coolest person EVER! <3 -Your biggest fan -J

  9. Danielle Parsons

    How do come up with this i wish i was like you… your so awsome im going to get a laptop so i can play games too!!!!!! Im youngest of 8 hard to choose who to live up to lol so i chose you hope you dont mind!!!!! ^.^

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