Our 2 player adventure begins

Our 2 player adventure begins

These are party favors that Red and I created for the wedding!

Thought I would share them with you guys since there so nerdy :p


  1. I love your videos and your minecraft videos i love your gg and I tried some and my friends love your work me and my cousin wish we got to go to Mincom to see you

  2. Hi there RedQuake. You both are very Awesome and I think you should come down to Yakima,Washington state. A lot of my friends and family love and adore you, but I understand if you can’t come.

    Emma Stubner

  3. Wen are you going to minecon

  4. i love you cupquake and redb15 u guys are awesome!

  5. There so good together

  6. I bet this relationship will last forever….TRUE LOVE ( :

  7. :) l love all your video ihascupquake and redb15 :)

  8. Hi there is anything happening at your place at all

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