Tetris Magnets

Tetris Magnets

Decided to make Tetris Magnets for my newest episode of DIY Geeky Goodies! Hope you enjoy!


  1. i am getting a youtube acount sooner or later but i need your help to know how to use the utube thingsmagigy plz help me when i get an account ill send you a message of my name{witch is i haspanquake} so you can help me out

  2. Please make a flowerpot and design it with minecraft ores and blocks!!!!! I watch minecraft oasis, cloud 9, diygg, quake n bake, and PoQ!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your videos, Quake!!!!!

  3. I LOVE your videos and am a HUGE fan of yours. I watch the Minecraft Oasis series and the Cloud Nine series. i also watch Quake n’ Bake and of course this series. I am 11 and want to be just like you when I get older. I love video games, especially the computer ones. Someday I want to meet you and red in person. I want to grow up and meet the perfect person and get married and have cats and have geeky video game stuff on the walls in my house. I LOVE your life.

  4. Cupquake make a Diamond Axe or herobrine!!!!!!!!

  5. maaaake somethin insane yet aweshum all at once :D

  6. CupQuake you should make something Portal related! Maybe a portal gun! Please try to consider this idea! <3 The vids!

  7. make a dumo papper holder

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