8-Bit Hair Clips!

8-Bit Hair Clips!

For the spirit of Minecon (which is this weekend in Vegassssss) I decided to make 8-bit flower clips to give away to some female fans of mine!  Remember …this little piggy plays Minecraft! I loved making these and I think they are SUPER cute!  I think I may start to sell these in my store! What do you think?!


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  1. When I first watched your vids I got Xbox live and I tyres to add you. My gamer tag is katnip123 hope you can add me. I hope you can add them to your store.

  2. Yes I think you should put them in your store. love you Cupquake you make me laugh when im down!

  3. Hello love your videos<3

  4. I WANT THEM SO BAD!!!!!!! O,O

  5. OMG those r so cute i wish i could have one ur so creative Cupquake im not kidding!!

  6. I made these for my mom since I’m a boy and she loved them !

  7. I NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!! Please put them
    up for sale in the store!

  8. pretty………..


  9. Rainbowcat123 : January 16, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    You should totally sell them! They are sooooo cute!!!!

  10. OMG i Saw ur minecon vid and i started crying cause i wanted to go to minecon SOOOOO BAD so can u plz eather sell them or make a tutorial or how to make them + if u are looking for something craftie try duct tape it alot of fun

  11. they r sooooo cute!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SELL THEMMM!!!!!

  12. can you sell those??? i want oe so bad i love hair clips and mine craft

  13. i love you so much cupquake <3


  15. Those are so cute! I wish I could go to Minecon!

  16. Hiya cupquake ^.^ My friend would love those, how did you make them? i cant go to minecon nor buy from your store .. as im only 14 and i really dont know how 😀

  17. i meannt make more and put them a contest

  18. can u give those away in a contest?

  19. I luv them. they r sooooo cute. to bad i can’t go to minecon. plz sell them in ur store

  20. Yes! Do some cupcake ones! They could be for a contest 🙂

  21. I want them so bad!!!!!!

    to bad i can not go to minecon so you should rally sell them to the people who can’t show up and meet you at minecon 😀

  22. OMG their amazing my 12yo sister would love them but I’m not from the states so i won’t be at minecon

  23. Aww,they’re cutee! I want them,but I’m not going to minecon.. :/

  24. Aw wish i could go to minecon! Please sell them, I think they look great 😀

  25. I want one! You should definitely sell them they’re so cute :3

  26. I WANT THEM!! 😀
    But I’m Not Going To minecon T^T
    So Please Sell Them 🙂

  27. How about a tutorial video on how you make it

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