Welcome to the world of iHasCupquake! Here you will be entertained through the fun gameplay, nerdy interests and life updates of Tiffany (Cupquake) and her husband, Mario (Red)!

This unexpected adventure began when Tiffany was still in college. She first started submitting WoW gameplay tutorials to Machinima and also recorded exciting speed art videos (she went to school for art illustration, so it was the perfect match)!

Tiffany eventually launched a series called “The Art of Gaming”, which immediately set her apart from other channels on YouTube. Her decision to finally incorporate Minecraft onto her channel ultimately led to the speedy growth of iHasCupquake and also allowed Mario to leave his full-time job to join her.

Tiffany always aspired to be creative and found iHasCupquake to be the perfect outlet for constantly developing new ideas and content through her love of video games, such as DIY Geeky Goodies and Quake n Bake. Her passion for geek culture continues to inspire her projects, and together, Tiffany and Mario have slowly grown into a company with the help of their family and close friends. They are so thankful and appreciative of their fans each and every day for giving them the ability to do what they love for a living: spread happiness and positivity. Thank you for being a part of the journey!


  1. Cupquake for your next art video you should draw a self portrait

  2. Quaker Ihascupquake you are so good at gaming I want to be like you when I grow up

  3. Best*

  4. Quest birthday ever it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  5. Dear ihascupquake you have been my favorite you tuber ever I started watching you in 2016 you rock

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  8. Elizabeth Newton : December 4, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Hi Do you mind if on one of my channels cupquake I give you a shoutout on one of my future videos?

  9. Please go to Universal next year around October 20th.

  10. Hi I love you cupquake you make me happy when I am down you are so kind and I hope you reach the stars


  11. Hey i need too know your parents plz its for school

  12. Hi ihascupqwake I love your channels and I want to meet you in person but I can’t because I live in Canada

  13. My son is 6 years old and he’s the cutest little guy on Earth! I mean that! He absolutely LOVES watching your channel on youtube.com! He gets such a kick out of watching you play games that it makes this very sick dad happy. I have cancer and am not doing so well… I get very little joy out of life as it is right now and seeing my baby happy as he watches you, laughing his little tookus off makes me smile more than I thought I could any more!


    Bear Bo Man

  14. Hello Cupquake! I am a total fan of your channel I really enjoy your Minecraft and Sim videos!!! I watch your videos whenever I get the chance too 🙂

  15. Hi cupquake!! ??
    I really love ruby and your videos. It would like to be your special guest and to be in some of your videos. That would be awesome!!
    When will you be in San Diego? I wish I would have met you during comic con.

  16. Hi cupquake, I love you and Red. You are one of my favorite you tubers! I would to meet you. I’m 7 years old and would like to become a you tuber. 🙂

  17. Hello CUPQUAKE!! You are my absolute favorite gaming youtuber, because you are AWESOME and post kid-friendly videos! ( Plus you are really KAWAII ) You number one fan,

  18. i’m french and i love the bag but i don’t includes not how to order but i really love the bag

  19. Hi, Cupquake. When my father was abusive, he used to drink and hurt me and my mom, I introduced my mom to your Sims 3 Mystical Creatures, and she loved it! Since me and my mom are a big time sims lover, I love to watch the sims! My mom bought me all the packs, and I want to thank you.

  20. Hey Tiffy!! I love you and your videos sooo much!! You make me smile and cheer me up when i;m in a bad mood. I have been subscribed to all your channels ( including Toyboxcollectables) for a long time. I have a question, when do you tink you’ll open your P.O box again?

    ILYSM -Abby your #1 fan

  21. toytastic girl : August 6, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    i love watching u and i love ur notice me senpai song!<3

  22. Hello! I know this sound demanding, but i was wondering if next time you have a fan meetup that is not at a convention you could announce it earlier, last time you had one me and all of my friends didn’t have time to plan for it. thank you! love lily grace! ,3

  23. Julio cesar : July 25, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    I love you youtube chanel you make me a smile

    • Hey ihasacupquack I love your channel I was wondering if you could go check my channel out its ilyssa petty (crazy sisters) please and thx also I was wondering what your po box was and next summer I mite come and see you please reply

  24. Can you please reply to my texts that i send to you please

  25. My 12 year old daughter loves your youtube videos, and unfortunately missed out on getting tickets to minecon to attempt to meet you…do you have meet & greets? If so, where can I see a listing? Thanks!

  26. Hi my name is Kianna a.k.a Mimzyfleek. I am 9 years old and I am a girl gamer. I love your videos. How do you do the face reveal wth the video of the game together?
    Thank you for reading my message.
    I <3 you Cupquake!

  27. Madison sparkles : July 21, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I love you Cupquake you always make me laugh and smile

  28. Hi cupquake you are my favorite youtuber I love all of your videos I wish I personally knew you but I don’t but your still my favorite youtubers?

  29. i love you your so funny i am geting my hair diy like yours i wish i cold see you i love your video with red doing just dance your my insprashon

  30. Hello Tiffy!
    You are my idol and I watch you EVERY day! I’ve been subbed since like 100 subs and I’m still here! You were the first person I watched on YouTube! I actually got the chance to meet you and Red at VidCon and seriously it was the best day of my ENTIRE life! I was crying so much! They were good tears though! Thank you for ALWAYS putting a smile on my face! I love you!

  31. Hi ihascupquake,
    I really love your videos and they always make my day much brighter! I especially love the cosmic confetti project, I made fan art of it and sent it via email! You are such an inspiration to me because of your positive attitude and love for gaming, like me! Thank you for being so beautifully amazing!

  32. Hannah workman : July 8, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    Cupquake u make me smile even at times when I can’t. Since my brother has cancer my system just wants to shut down but everyday u post new things I smile for a while and when its over I cry tears of joy

    • hi hannah! thank you for the sweet and kind words! i’m so glad to hear my videos can provide comfort! we appreciate your love and support more than you know!! xoxo

  33. HI! I love your videos! they always make me laugh and smile when I’m feeling upset, or just want to have some fun! Thanks for everything!

  34. Hi Tiffany (IHasCupqacke)Ijust wanted to say that you madee me smile.

  35. Mila Harris : July 3, 2016 at 5:10 pm


  36. Hello Ihascupquake

    I like watching ur youtube channel video with mario and I like your cat in ur house is pretty cute and nice video in your youtube channel with mario! 🙂

    Mario is look funny

    Ihascupquake is nice lol 🙂

  37. hi ihascupquake

    i love your hair and i love all your videos i really want to meet you and red
    i hope you have a really nice day love u (as a friend)

  38. Hi love your hair Mario is so funny .by the way my name is Hayden hanna

  39. Marshmallow : June 4, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Dear ihascupquake

    You are so amazing you are my inspiration. I love your channel and your positive attitude.When i’m older im going to be a great youtuber just like you. And in the future i hope i will be able to play games with you and have a good time!!! i know you might not answer but it just feels so good to reach out to you =^-^=.

  40. hi ihascupquake

    i just want to say is that i really love your purple hair and your fashion.me and my best friend naomi are your biggest fans we really want to meet you and red i love you and red so much. i love your videos. peace and love (^_^)

  41. I also love your Kitty powers matchmaker videos and I think you are so AWSOME!!!!!! I have drawings of you all in my art folder,and when I grow up I will dye my hair PURPLE in dedication to you.I always think about you seeing my art on your videos and it is my dream to meet you,and Red.

  42. I love you IHasCupquake, And I love your videos. Me and my friend kayla are in 4th grade and we know all the lyrics to “notice me senpie” and That is my fav song now. You really inspire me too

  43. Hey cupquake!
    I just wanted to say you have helped me a lot this (school)year. Recently I discovered your channel and I love your videos. In one of your Oasis videos you held a whole speech about being yourself and doing what you love. Because of that speech I decided to follow my dreams and start at a fashion school I’ve been dreaming of since I was six years old (I’m 15 now).

    So thank you very much!
    Xxxxx from Anna (the Netherlands)

  44. Mckenna Beaulieu : May 17, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    You are AWESOME!!!!! I love you and Red soooooo mush! I think you are super funny, an awesome person, and I absolutely LOVE your purple hair…… I’ve decided to dye my hair pink when I’m older in honor of YOU!!! You are my favorite Youtuber EVER!! I just wanted to know your address so I can send you fan-art and presents! I think that you are so cute and adorable and I love your “Whose your Daddy” vids too! I hope that one day I will meet you, or even just be in one of your Fanmail Friyay videos too! I also LOVE Link and Navi, they are soooooo cute!!!!!! Once again I love you SOOOOOO much and same goes for Red… (Hi Red?) Byeeee!!!

  45. Hey iHascupquake im been in love with your channel since it was first created! I always look forward towards your videos! Keep Going and doing the things you love! Peace and Love! <3

  46. Piper Lindsey : May 9, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Cupquake, I LOVE your videos. How can I send you fan art? I am 7 yrs old and my name is Piper. I think you are amazing. I love your hair so much, I want to dye my hair purple when I grow up!i think you are so beautiful and I love your nails. Thanks for making videos for me to watch! ?

    • Hi Piper! Thanks so much for the sweet words! 🙂 You can send any fan mail or fan art to: FanMail@ihascupquake.com. Thanks again for the love and support! <3

      • Hello ihascupquake my name is Natalie, And I’ve been watching your videos since your channel was created. when ever I’m sad I watch ur vids to make me happy. u are such an amazing person and you never give up. also I loved the way u dye ur hair so I decided to do mine over the summer purple. …I will always support u no matter what Love Natalie

      • SplatHurricane : May 17, 2016 at 8:52 am

        Hi cupquake, you are an inspirational and funny youtuber, you were the first eeeevveeer youtuber i subscribed to and now you opened me up o a new world of a game that i love playing. Keep up the great work.I also had a channel- but sadly it had to be deleted(i will return)
        I have been sbscribed to your channel for 5 or six years now. <3
        I also have garcia in my name coincidentally- LOL


        My channel progress:
        subscribers 63
        views 2000
        videos 70+
        countries watched me: Australia, England,Malaysia,America,( and one more but i cant remember off the top of my head)
        Currently= deleted

        super hyped for Minechest (but sadly i cant subscribe to get one monthly due to the fact the country they don't ship it to my country).

  47. I think your website is having issues on placing orders or something cause i tried placing it like 8 times already and its still not placing it so i really don’t understand what i am missing? I am not sure why it is saying something about my card or something but it can’t be about my credit card information cause I put that in 8 times. So I don’t know if something is going on with the website but its not placing orders. If someone could help I would really apperate it.

    • Hi Zachary! If you can, please check out using PayPal. The other method is malfunctioning, but we are working to fix it ASAP! 🙂 Thank you!

      • Zachary holm : April 22, 2016 at 9:25 am

        Hi Thank so very much I did check out PayPal and I just created an account so I am all set just got the order done no problem. Thanks again for providing me with Paypal. Never heard of PayPal and first time using it but thanks again for the suggestion. I think it went through. Sorry if I had to get into the middle of your day or morning but I had to let you ahead of time just to let you know before you got some more people like me. Anyway ill just sit back and wait until it arrives. Thanks again for making the posters I really do enjoy them.

        Zach Holm

      • Adrian Martinez : May 1, 2016 at 12:50 pm

        Hi cupquake I just wanted to say that I love your videos and just to let you know that the walking dead michonne episode 2 came out and I think you should play it and post it on your channel and you should also make a Roblox account. It is like mine craft but its more fun and you should also play it with your husband red. But if you ever make an account then you should add me. My name is CookieGuy20031 on Roblox. And my cousin also loves and watches your videos as well. She also has a roblox account too. Her name is Chumchummy on roblox so you can friend me and her too. I also really hope that you read this and reply to me I would be so happy.

  48. Hey Quake, you have helped me through out these past four years. Since I was born I have had a disease called Coeliac. Coeliac, also known as celiac, is an autoimmune disorder. This affects primarily the small intestine that occurs in people who are genetically predisposed. Coeliac disease is caused by gluten, which are proteins in wheat. I can’t eat foods like pizza, cookies, cake, bread, and more, more than I can type! You were the person who made me feel needed. Oh, and did I mention that i can not eat cupcakes or donuts. Just the luck I needed!! My mom says that donuts with gluten taste like heaven and that the very few donuts without gluten tastes equivalent to a plain old sandwich. I don’t now the flavors I am missing out on but some times I feel like I am not missing out on anything because of you! So, I just wanted to say thank you. You helped me through tough times, tougher than you think. Cya!

    • Hi Elizabeth! I’m over the moon happy to hear that my videos have made such a positive impact on you. All of that junk food is overrated anyway 😉 and I appreciate YOUR love and support more than you know. Thank you so much for the sweet message! <3

  49. Hi cupcuake,
    What is your address because me and my friends love your videos would love to send you a little letter with some fan art and a little gift from us all.

  50. kelsey tohaza : April 13, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    I have a 5 year old daughter and she’s wicked smart. We came across your videos and ever since then my daughter loves you and thinks your funny as hell. I wanted to know if you ever do meet and greets? That would be the best surprise.(:

    • Hi Kelsey! Thanks so much for reaching out. We usually make a big announcement whenever we do meet and greets! 🙂 Hopefully this helps. Please say hello to your daughter for us! Thank you so much for the support!

  51. Hi Cupquake I wanted to know your address cause I’ve been dying to send you fan mail!!!!

  52. Lily Pearson : March 21, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    Dear IHasCuQuake,
    My name is Lily and I love youtubing and I have watched almost all your videos from all your channels. I love watching you guys so much I got my siblings to watch it to and whenever we have a chance to get on youtube we go straight to your channel. I would ever so much like to meet with you and do a colab with you on anything. It has been my dream to come meet you and hang with you and Red. I live in Chula Vista and I am also 13 years old.??????????????. You rock and please reply soon luv ya bye.

  53. Hi Cupquake,
    I just wanted to know your address because I live in a small town that you’ve probably never heard of and it is called Alpine, Texas.My friend Sophia Vargas loves watching your channel like me. So, it would be a great honor if you would lend me your address because we would love to send you our fan mail and our fan art that we have worked on for so long.
    Love, Alyssa Nanez p.s. If you look my name up on the internet,I’ll be standing in front of a microphone in a blue and green jacket. p.p.s. I’ve won two spelling bees at my hometown and two in the regional spelling bee in Odessa, Texas. p.p.p.s. I placed 4th in second grade and 3rd in third grade going against junior high and middle schoolers. PEACE LOVE *KISS*

  54. Hi Cupquake!
    I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person. I know you get a lot of people saying that, but your videos seriously mean a lot to me, because once, I was really REALLY sick and miserable. My parents told me that if I kept thinking that I wouldn’t get better, that I actually wouldn’t get better because your willpower to get better matters too. So I watched a lot of your videos and the next day, I felt better, and I started to think positively, and that I WOULD get better. In a way, your videos were the most important medicine for me, and they still are. Thank you for being you.

  55. Hey what is your address, I want to send you a Christmas present!

  56. Hi you are so cool

  57. Mumtahina Rahman : February 9, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Can I please get your address so I can send fan mail to you? Please?

  58. Hey I really would love to know what kind of software you use for your videos? I am trying to do videos and I love how your videos look and sound, so I could use some help. My kids love watching you and they laugh all the time at what you and your husband are doing. thank you.

  59. hiii!! I really want to know ur address so that i can send u fan mail!!

  60. Awesome person : February 1, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    I also wanted to say… we are AWESOME BUDDIES!!!!!!!! 😀

  61. Awesome person : February 1, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Hey cupquake! I´m doing a research project– about you! I´ve been looking on multiple websites but they all say the same thing. Do you think you could send me a few facts? Thanks cupquake!!! ;3

  62. Hi Cupquake! 🙂 I love your videos! I am a 12 year-old Singaporean. I wish I could meet you in person! 🙂

  63. Sophie Tillema : January 24, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    IHASCUPQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am your biggest fan!I wish I could meet you in person! You make me laugh everyday of my life [and im a 11 years old]!
    Pleaseeeee keep being unique and special ! yours truly [and biggest fan] Sophie A.K.A SOPHAAAY

  64. Hey Cupquake!

    I lovCe your videos and, i am apart of a minecraft group called pixelmasters101 ( dont look it up, we havent posted yet), we would love it if you could play with us!

  65. I ? you cupquake! Watching your channel helps me feel good when I’m down. Thank you for working hard on your videos. Keep them coming!

  66. hi ihascupquake you have been the BEST YOUTUBER EVER from Katrin

  67. Umm cupquake I would love to see you in person but I don’t now how are you going to comicon ( I can’t spell don’t judge me) this year if so do you now where it is I would love to see you I’m a huge fan of yours.

    Yours truly Chloe

  68. hi im your biggest fan i love your gaming videos. they are the best games ever. tell red that he is the funniest of them all an u too. i love your purple and blue hair. you are the best gamer girl ever. by the way my name is daniela.

  69. HI!!!!!!!!! I♥ your channel!!! And you always help me feel good when you are building in minecraft and talking about bullies and other school problems!!!!

  70. Hey, i was just wondering what texture pack you use most of the time because i really loved what it looked like, i understand if you cant reply

  71. I <3 you, CupQuake!!!
    You're awsome and you always brighten my day! When I was sick, I watched one of your vids and it made my day so much better and, it made me feel like I could do anything! Luv Ya!!

  72. My niece luvs your vids!

  73. OK honestly you are the best person ever!!! You brought me to YouTube and it now one of my favorite things and you are so funny and I know that when I’m feeling down or mad at someone I can always come to you to calm myself down. I just want to thank you very much and that I love you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. You are awesome

  75. tiff i love you so much ive been watching you from the start and i hope that you never lose your creative fire that you got going and hope your holidays are stress free luv ya xoxoxo sinerily randomtimez

  76. you are the best cupquake

  77. Beth Waskiewicz : December 6, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    I love ur vids and everything u do. U have been part of my life for a while and I just wanted to tell u thank u sooooo much !!!!! : ) <3

  78. And I was also wondering if you are ever coming near Austin Texas or Kyle Texas

  79. This is soooooo exciting i want to get all of the merch cuz i love team RedQuake!

  80. Deelene Harvey : December 1, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Dear Cupquake my Daughter Cassie is a huge Fan she would love to meet you in person one of these days, jus wondering if you ever attend any type of con here in Arizona if so we would Mos Def be attending thanks for being you 🙂

    • to tiff i love you so much in the friend way and if i dont win well i just dont win but please pick me or i will bee really sad but if you dont i will be super sad

      love from bethany lane

  81. HI IHASCUPQUAKE!!!!!!You are my Favorited youtuber! maybe if you can PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO CALGARY!When I ALWAYS watch your videos you make me laugh!If you did come to calgary then I would like FAINT,and i LOVE your purple hair!!!!!!!!! The video bake quake,I just love it! Maybe you can write a book! I LOVE YOU IHASCUPQUAKE,AND PLEASE COME TO CALGARY! <3 🙂

  82. U da bes

  83. Pls Subscribe me on Youtube!

    I Love you, you are so AMAZING, and I am such a Big Fan!!!!! 🙂

  84. Hey Cupquake,
    I just want to say thank you for the awesome videos you make and for filling up my day with happiness!

    P.S. I love cats as well!!!!

  85. Omg cupcake i love you, your my idol I look up to u and u r a great inspiration-Laura-jane

  86. Hey there, Cupquake … Just a quick note from a mom to say thanks 🙂 I have a 12-year-old who loves to watch your vids, and because of that, I get to hear those belly laughs more than I would otherwise be able to. Thanks for being you!


  87. Esmeralda Rivera : November 14, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Hi ihascupquake why you say a bad words in some video’s I am a fan of you

  88. ashlyn esposito : November 14, 2015 at 9:19 am

    I LOVE THE CUTE PLUSHIES!I have a lot of cats you are my favorite youtuber in the world you to red !

  89. Hi cupquake I love your videos I watch you everyday and I love the oasis videos I’ve all ways wanted to see you and red in person

  90. Erica McCullough : June 9, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    My daughter Lily is a huge fan. She was wanting to meet you. Which cons do you usually go to? Any close to Missouri?

    Thank you

  91. hi I’m back if you go on miners need cool shoes I made a shin for you I hope you use it in one of your minecraft videos

  92. REPLY IF YOU LOVE ihascupquake and/or sailor moon

  93. Dear Ihascupquake,
    Im Haylen and I am a HUGE fan. Im telling you, ‘So very large!’ ( lol adventure time reference) Well anyway I hope that I see you in real life one day. I have my own youtube channel now. Its called Haylen Link and I don’t know how to change the picture or the name of the channel. Can you email me with Gmail to tell me how? I watch your videos when I have wifi and you always make me laugh! BTW I LOVE SAILOR MOON!!! I have the whole book series, her tiara. and a few of her pendants. Again I say I hope to see you some time in Texas.
    XOXO,Haylen I(+o+)I (its a face) :))))))))))))))

  94. plz comment me when you can you and red are the best people I ever known

  95. hi I love your videos when I herd you end oasis it broke my heart I always wanted to talk to you however my parents don’t allow me to have instagram or twitter but I never stop dreaming. I never knew about miners need cool shoes but when my friend showed me it I felt heartless I found your skins and I almost cried. I want to be a YouTuber but my parent don’t allow me yet hope to finale get to know you. I had dreams of doing minecraft videos with you. hopefully they come true . I watch your, oasis, nooby weds, and all your other videos . I have big hopes for you. i’ll send another post again soon . hopes and joy, madison

  96. Are you gonna do any more GTA 5 with Red (Mario), Cathy, and Adam? Cause I’ve been waiting.

  97. Cupquake! I am new to YouTube and I LOVE your old intro. I have one pictured and it is somewhat similar to yours. What software did you use to make yours?

  98. Hi Cupquake we loooooooooove your videos, the series you did about Monument Valley! isn’t that an awsome game?? OMG. Some of that is so hard tho. I’m really into Maya stuff and i just found this cool app about the daily energies i think its called mcp mayan tzolkin (yep just checked thats right) can you do a video about that one? maybe the people who did it could send u some of the designs? love u Cupquake!!!

  99. Allison Mann : May 31, 2015 at 7:34 am

    Hi I am your super fan I am sending you a letter by the way what is your address so I can send it to you?

  100. Hai Cupquake! I luv you so much! You inspire me a lot!! You are my model! ( other than Natasha Allegri)… I really like how you bring so much light and love into your work! Thank you so much for making videos for the public to view! 🙂

  101. Hello Cupquake! I love your Youtube channel! You inspire me so much!! You are my model! ( other than Natasha Allegri 🙂

  102. hi cupquake i really like ur videos

  103. Trip Kitagya : May 28, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Cupquake! First of all your Awesome and I love your videos and am excited for the future of your channel! Second thank you for doing youtube videos you helped me follow my heart and now I know what I want to do for my life.
    I found you channel by accident… I was sad missed my family and friends because It was my birthday and I was alone so I was surfing Youtube and that was when I saw your Five Nights at Freddy’s Animation and I loved it so I looked for more of you and enjoyed them so much and that made my time bearable. Ever since then you inspired me to follow my dreams… no find my dreams, so now I watch you almost everyday laughing and smiling at what ever you do so I wanted to be like you and Inspire people so I created at youtube too its called PDZAnimenerd I hopes I could be like you. When I watched MInecraft Enchanted Oasis episode 48 I cried and felt you should do what you wanted to do.
    So Thank You Very Much Cupquake
    I and all your other fans support you and love you and Red.

  104. I discovered how to make a Navi ring }¡{ please see it on your Facebook page or in my etsy shop. I would to make you one for free of course, I just need you ring size and the color of the band you would like.

  105. Hey Cupquake! I was inspired by you to start up my YouTube dream but there’s a couple of things holding me back. I can’t decide which microphone to get, out of the Razer Seiren and the Audio Technica AT2020. I also can’t edit very well but I guess improvement comes with time.

  106. Chloe Robinson : May 22, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Ihascupquake i really want to meet you but i live in colorado and i have fan art i want to send you but i don’t know how? (please try to email me back

  107. (Sorry about the last email, please erase it, it had some spelling mistakes)

    Dear Ihascupcake,
    My daughter Laura is 8 years old just going on 9, she discovered you on you tube and she simply loves your videos. She is a huge fan of you! Her birthday is coming up (June 14th) and she told me “Mommy all I want was for Cupcake to say hi to me on the computer, I know she has billions of friends, but I would love for her to say HI to me and to our cat Tyara. I know this is an impossible dream, but I think dreams can me made real.” So I really don´t know what else to do, If you could just make a small video and send it to her, I am sure she would be so thrilled, if it´s not asking too much….We live in Lisbon, Portugal but I taught her english so she speaks quite well both languages! Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Her email is tittaelaura@gmail.com. Thank you 🙂 on YouTube it´s titta_ny or tittaelaura!

  108. Dear Ihascupcake,
    My daughter Laura is 8 years old just going on 9, she discovered you on you tube and she simply loves your videos. She is a huge fan of you! Her birthday is coming up (June 14th) and she told me “Mommy all I want was for Cupcake to say hi to me on the computer, I know she has billions of friends, but I would love for her to say HI to me and to our cat Tyara. I know this is an impossible dream, but I think dreams can me made real.” So I really don´t know what else to do, If you could just make a small video and send it to her, I am sure she would be so thrilled, if it´s not asking too much….We live in Lisbon, Portugal but I thought her engligh so she speakes quite well both languages! Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Her email is tittaelaura@gmail.com. Thank you 🙂 on YouTube it´s titta_ny or tittaelaura!

  109. nathan cunnie : May 20, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    congrats on 3 millions

  110. Cupquake I love your vids
    Beacause of you I can make my hair into a kitty ears!

  111. Hi im 7 and i’m a big fan of your mine craft chanel. Can i play a mine craft game with you?

  112. Hi i 7 and i’m a big fan of your mine craft chanel. Can i play a mine craft game with you?

  113. Hi, Cupquake! I’m in love with your channel! I always watch your videos! Here is a list of games you should play: Hollywood U(app game), High School Dreams, a Toca Boca game(any one), do buzzfeed quizzes, moviestarplanet, and play Facade again with Red!
    Also, read more fan fiction! I actually sent you one called “Saving Red!” So please check that out! Peace! Love! Quoooooo kiss!

  114. Hello Tiffany,
    My daughter, Remy, is a massive fan of yours. She is 9 years old and watches your videos and enlists me to make your recipes. Dealing with fondant was “interesting” to say the least. Lol I am not a baker… Anywho, she would LOVE to send you some drawings she made of you. Is this a possibility? Do you have a P.O. Box we could send her fan mail to? I know you might get some weirdos on here, so please check out my website to see that I am a legit mom doing a legit piece of research for my little one.
    Thank you and much love,
    Kristen & Remy

    hey so i was wondering if you would like to, because it would be really awesome if you could, come to my prom with me? your just so gorgeous haha and funny.
    Anyways, thanks!

  116. Hi Cupquake, I’m a HUGE fan of u. I’m one of your subscribers, and thanks to u, I learned how to make a bow out of my hair. You also helped me be happy when I’m in a mood to watch videos. I LOVE the videos u make, and u r so AWESOME!!!

    • Dear cupquake,
      I just started watching your videos today & I’m all ready crazy addicted.Your videos are amazing.You have really inspired me in so many different ways.You’re my fav channel.I’d love to talk to you if you have kik you could text me at swagmoney59.

    • hi im a HUGE fan of you cup quake you are the world to me. I have watched all of your eps in minecraft. you are very good at five nights at freddys. My question is ….. How did you get your hair that way and colour? Thank you!!!

  117. IHassCupquake ive been watching your vids for a while now and you have inspired me to make my own channel we are called DKM Gaming (Destro,Kirito, and Minuncx Gaming) and I need some advice on what I should do and I want you and red to be the people to help me out and I hope you guys could answer me in gmail or in the comments (Gmail: gamingdkm@gmail.com)

  118. Hi cupqauke I have been watching from I was a little girl you inspire me to play some games that I have never even heard of before and as soon as you play it I would go search it up. You make me laugh you make me giggle you make me smile you are a wounder full person and so is Red too. I love you and I promise I will never stop watching and writing to you.

    Love, Sarah

  119. Hi cupquake,
    I just wanted to start off by saying your amazing and I love both of your oasis series to pieces !!! That being said, me and several other “cupquakes” would REALLY REALLY like it if you told us your seed and/or map for enchanted oasis
    ,thank you

  120. Hi cupquake,
    I just wanted to start off by saying your amazing and I love both of your oasis series!!! That being said, me and several other “cupquakes” would REALLY REALLY like it if you told us your seed and/or map for enchanted oasis
    ,thank you

  121. hi ihascupquake I’ve been watching you play games every day even you’re minecraft series I such a big fan of you and your husband and I want you to come to Disney world to come to my birthday please

  122. Hi there from Ontario Canada! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that you have a 10year old super fan, my daughter Olivia. She has been quite fascinated by your YouTube videos and watches them any chance she can. Olivia was very excited today to find out you are on Instagram and begged me to follow you since she is to young for an account of her own. Anyway, as a mom I just want to say thank-you for being so much fun and giving her something to look forward to after school.

  123. diana Ross : May 8, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Hello, I am writing to tell you about my daughter. Her name is Angelina and she was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder at 10, she is now 11. She has a really hard time staying calm but she found you! She loves watching you and every time she starts feeling nervous she watches you and is okay! I just wanted to say thank you, I don’t think you know how much you affect children. I have bought many things from your store for her and she wears them proudly! Thank you for being just a wonderful influence and a genuine person! Oh yes and she wants to be just like you when she grows up…she says “mom I want to be a utuber just like ihascupquake and work at the spca, that’s my dream” LOVE HER AND YOU…Oh can’t leave out Red too!!

  124. Elizabeth Farmer (Venomdancer) : May 7, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Hi, Cupquake! I just now recently started watching your YouTube videos! <3 I love them and just wanted to say that you're awesome! I've been thinking of doing some let's play videos and was wondering if you could give me some tips? Thanks and I hope to see more videos! <3

  125. My daughter loves you and has written you a letter and drawn a picture too. I cannot find a mailing address. Can you post one please.

    Thank you!

  126. Hey Cupquake. You are the best person ever. You’ve always kept me strong through everything I want to thank you and red. Please remember this quote ….” By the change you wish to see in this world.” You’ve changed my life. Now go change others. Please write back if you can.
    Your biggest fan

  127. Michelle William : May 5, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Hi CupQuake,

    My daughter Ellie is 5 years old and LOVES your channel. She found you through mine craft video’s. She is the youngest of 5 and the only girl. And whenever we ask her what she wants to watch she always says you know cupcake, you know the girl with purple hair who is so beautiful. I thought you’d like to know she’s a huge fan and would love to meet you someday. If you guys ever are close to Indiana at any time, I would love to meet up for coffee (or hot cocoa for Ellie) sometime.

    Thank you for always entertaining my daughter 🙂 particularly when she isn’t feeling well, you are her go to channel!

  128. Hi, Cupquake im your biggest fan i mean biggest fan i watch your videos everyday i drew a picture of you but in minecraft version i hope you reply to by the way my name is ashley my mom let me use her email. ps:im 9 years old and my brithday is on augest 13 sorry about the misspelling bye.:3

  129. Hi Cupquake I am a really big fan of yours. I am a really big fan of yours, and you inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. I have 16 subscribers and Iv’e been on YouTube for almost a year now. I wanted to thank you, for the great experience I’m going through by making these videos. Iv’e always been interested in editing videos and taking pictures. And I hope someday that a lot people will enjoy my content, thanks to you.

  130. Hi Tiffy,

    I am not sure where to go but hopefully you can help. I have 2 daughters (10 & 11 years old) that love you and watch all your videos.

    They each bought one of your limited edition t-shirts (with their own money) but the package was lost in the mail. Customer service advised me to call around and see if I could track it down. It breaks my heart because they check the mail every day waiting for the package to arrive. Any help you can offer would be very appreciated.


  131. hi cupquake i am alaina i love ur vidoes and i wuz wondering if u could make a season 3 of cloud 9. thanks

  132. Hi! I just wanted to say i love your channel…and i’m going through tough times. I just wanted to thank you fo having those videos up to make others and me happy! And if theres ever a hater don’t listen :3
    Love Shelby

  133. Hi Ihascupquake I have been a fan of yours for years and I wanted to say you are amazing and the best person to cheer me up.One day I was upset and I was watching one of your video’s and I forgot I was ever mad.
    Thank you,

  134. Hi Tiffany and Red! Just would like to know your computer brand and where you bought it! Also how much? Your games run so smoothly, and it seems like a very decent PC to get. Love you guys so much! *virtual hug*

  135. Hi, iHasCupquake, I am a kid, and, you make my days 10 times better, People are mean to me at school, and I come home off the bus knowing you’ll make my day better, you 2 red!! I mean, you are amazing, and pretty, and inspired me to make my own channel, where I game and do top tens, you are better than pewdiepie,markiplier,and jacksepticeye combined LOVE YA!! Email me at blutru54843@gmail.com if you want.

  136. Sandra Quijano : April 23, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Hi Cupquake, my daughter is a big fan of you. I’m in the Army and currently stationed in Hawaii but relocating to the mainland in the summer. We’re stopping in California to spend time with my family, I was wondering if there’s a chance my daughter could meet you in person, it would mean so much for her. Thank you.

  137. hi its me candy its not close to my bday but i looked at my mommys channel and i have 0 subs ZERO peaple comment i never have diasabled the comments nobody like me on my moms channel i greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe and when i get to know my moms password i will subsribe to you i may take years though xD i serious .-. im bad at spelling sometimes

  138. Hi Cupquake
    I watched ALL of your videos since you started your youtube channel. I,t has inspired me to make my own channel. Like you at your first video I do not have alot of experience but as I grow more I learn how to do more. So I,m just 11 years old but you make me feel like I,m your age because I learn more how to do better videos. I know this dose not make sence like ALOT but I just wanted to let you know that you are the mane reason I started a youtube channel.
    Love <3

  139. hi im candy and im 8 im a huge fan i would truley consider you play xbox minecraft its got a new update theres horses donkeys mules i think thats what it is there also nametags i know its like computer mc but xbox mc dont have stained glass yet i comment here again when its close to my bday also for my bday could you give me a shout out and comment on my moms channel its tanya bahe as her youtube i made all the videos oh on my series kiss the apple i have one where i kiss my mom on the cheek check i out thank you your truley candy bye bye

  140. Hi. My name is Leah and I am a big fan of yours. I am wondering if you can take off an ad that comes on before your videos. It is for a scary movie. Your youtube station is one of my favorites, but the scary movies make me have to watch other stations so I don’t see those ads. Thank you!

  141. Dear ihascupquake
    I love ur videos pls plz can U give me a shoutout my birthday is coming up. So pls plz pls thank U if U even try

  142. And plz give me ur seed with ur buildings and EVERYTHING. It would mean the world to me.

  143. Hi cupquake. Can u snapchat me. Cuz. I am like ur BIGGEST fan and I would love to play minecraft with u. But I would have to play on my brothers tablet. Plz snapchat me at ashleyandponies

  144. Hi Cupquake! I am a mother of four and my youngest, My only daughter, Lyhla, LOVES watching you on YouTube! She is 6 years old and I obviously screen her YouTube access, but she truly loves watching you! You have inspired her at such a young age to make her own videos talking about different games and things she likes to do. One of her fav videos is the Beanboozled challenge! Lol let me tell you I had to go all over looking for those things! We cracked up watching you and your husband eat those jelly beans!

  145. Varun Gogineni : April 14, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Hello Cupquake, my name is Varun. I am currently starting up a company focused on pc gaming and content creation(art,video,workstation, etc.). I have enjoyed building computers for a few years as a hobby and finally want to bring the happiness of computers to the rest of the world. I would like to start the company off strong and want to broaden the market for our small company, mainly by appealing to the gaming and media community. So, I was hoping that maybe we could send you a PC to replace your computer or give away and you could give us an honest review of the system. This would give your viewers some insight into our company and hopefully persuade them into switching to us. We are not in the business to make profits, we are here to expand the PC community and for fun, and to remove the somewhat overpriced systems that are being released by other companies. I would extremely appreciate this gesture if it is possible at all, and am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Cupquake!!!!!

  146. Hi iHasCupquake! I am such a huge fan. I really want to send u mail but I don’t know your PO box thing. BTW, u should let your fans send u mail n u can open it in your videos. So, can u please let me know? Thank you! I luv u!

  147. Hi Cupquake my name is Justen and I watch your YouTube channel all the time you are so funny you make me laugh all the time. I like to sing, dance, play games, and make art. I have an idea for a flash Friday episode I think you should play this game called spirefall. P.s. I have a cat she is a tuxedo cat and her name is cookie because she looks like a Oreo cookie. Well it was good talking to you Cupquake see you later.

  148. Elle Eisenberg : April 8, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Hi Cupquake! I love your vids and watch them everyday! I tell my friends about your The Walking Dead and they are like “Oh, shes so lame!” And I act all offended about it! My friend she lives in Missouri loves you too! (She moved away ;(.) Well Cupquake, I will continue to be your number one fan!

    Your Fan,
    Elle Eisenberg

  149. I just like to say one thing, not to ask anything but to simply say you are the person that I look up to. You’re just so cool there’s not one word to describe you. You’re talented and beautiful and along you’re just you, and that’s what makes you special. Many fans want to be just like you but I think if you be yourself, people will discover the real, inner you.

    Some people will go crazy to look and act EXACTLY like their favourite celebrities which I guess you can do, but in my opinion you’re wasting your life with someone else who may or may not even know you. You should be you, and live life to the fullest. Its ok to be a really good fan (if that’s what you call it?) but all I’m saying is be you, because there’s nobody out there who is you. There might be someone who looks like you but they can never be you. Because you are an individual, you are unique and special and being You! is what makes people like you.

  150. Hello cupquake i am a fan and when i watch a certain vid that required red and you to do squats i made a little something for that. If you visit my Twitter page it will have it there I wish I could give it to you from here but for some reason that is not possible. My Twitter page is:Qasim Raza or @raza_qazim

  151. dear cupquake
    you are my inspiration. im a 13 yr old girl and my name is molly. i am obsessed with 3 things
    1. your channel
    2. youtube
    3. my parents
    thanks for being a great youtuber and never leave youtube please. i hope one day i get to meet you and i also hope i can play minecraft with you in the future.

    all for now, molly xx

  152. Hi Cupquake,
    My name is CiCi and I am a bbbbiiiggg fan of you. I love your videos so much and I love everything about you. But I have just one question to ask. How do you record your iPad screen as I would like to someday be just like you. Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into making you videos. Hopefully you will get to see this. Thank you SOOO much,

  153. Hi ihascupquake I wanted to suggest a game for you it’s called tomb raider 2013. Your shipwrecked on a island and you play as Lara croft also there’s a lot of enemies who what to kill you and you have to try to escape the island its a telly good game. It’s on steam,Mac,xbox360,PS3,xboxone,ps4. I know you like pc so here a link to the game on steam:http://store.steampowered.com/app/203160/ . One more thing it has amazing graphics.
    Please play it on your gaming Chanel. Best youtuber I’ve subscribe to. Please replay and say if you are going to play and one more thing it has a amazing story.

  154. Benjamin Cofresi : April 3, 2015 at 7:33 am


    Not sure if you will respond or not but I have a five year old daughter, Christa, who is totally in love with you and is always watching your youtube channel and it would be awesome if you can give her a shout out or something.

  155. Hi ihascupquke I want to recommend a game for you it’s called tomb raider 2013 it a game were your shipwrecked on island and you play as Lara croft and there’s a lot of enemies on the island who want to kill you. It’s on steam,Mac,xboxone,xbox360.ps4,PS3. I know you like pc so here’s a link to tomb raider 2013 on steam:http://store.steampowered.com/app/203160/ . One more thing it has amazing graphics. Hope you play it on ihascupquke Chanel. Your the best you tuber I’ve subcribed to

  156. Hello, my name is David. You make great videos and your creativity is through the roof! You make great videos and I love how you make make it interresting for the viewers. This is really stupid coming from a 9 year old but I think you are very kind and intelligent. You are my favorite youtuber because of your kindness! I haven’t ever heard you curse and you are very funny and you help others. You are a great role model. I will always make time to watch your videos!

    P.S. This is my face when I watch your videos—)

  157. Dear Cupquake,
    I am a HUGE fan of yours and Red’s. I’m 10 years old and I’m in 4th grade. I think we have alot in common- we both like gaming, crafts, and baking! I love your videos and I think you guys are AWESOME people. I watched your video of making the diamond sword out of wood blocks, and the video of you making the wall art out of foam board. I combined the two ideas and made a foam board diamond sword. When I presented it at school, I got a really high grade for economics (because we had to make a product to sell) thanks to you. All the credit goes to to you. I just wanted to say thank you for making these amazing videos.
    Niha <3 😀

    • Oh and BTW i just wanted to ask if you could have a fan meet in or near Columbus, Ohio. It know it’s far away from California, but it would mean the world to me and my friends if you visited here.
      Niha 😀 😀 😀

  158. Ixadora Santiago : April 1, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Ihascupquake I made a fan art for you

  159. Lindsay Denney : April 1, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Hi Cupquake, I’m so happy I just found your website. Anyway you are one of my heros. I am very young and watch your videos everyday. I have one question, how did you think of the name Cupquake. I am a fellow youtuber and dont want to just put my name. So…yeah!

    -Lindsay Denney

  160. Hi Tiffany! My name is Erin. I am a HUGE Fan of yours and Every single day, I watch your channel. Can you please Email me back and tell me where you live, and all about you! I Subscribed to you also. And your Cats, Link and Navvi are so adorable. I want to play Minecraft with you but I can’t because I don’t have a seed. I Love U!!!!!! Sincerely, Erin Lee

  161. Hi Cupquake, I would just like for you to know that my life evolves around YOuTube because of all the awesome youtubers that play minecraft and other games too but your one of those awesome youtubers. Your for sure the number one youtuber in my opinion. Anyways me and my cousin love you and you make us wish and dream. Can you please respond, it will make my day and you should play crossy road and put the video on YouTube unless you already have. Have a nice day and remember that your making everybody’s day.

  162. Hi ihascupquake I was wondering if you could send me some things for me and my best friend and mom and my sister and baby nephew. Minecraft would great and baking things ,and some toys for nephew plz oh plz tell me yes and Ruston,Louisiana.

  163. Emma Veilleux : March 27, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    hi ihascupquake I love your sweaters especially the red one I would love to meet you but I cant because I live in Canada but one day I know we will meet our selves:]

    love Emma

  164. hi cupquake so I was wondering if you like to check out my wattpad account it is peetalo . Oh and I love the way u and red go back and forth with the talking and everything u guys are a great and awesome . love , megan

  165. Hey Cupquake, my name is dani and I’m 11 years old. You are my favorite youtuber and my cousin would say the same but because of you, you have made us want to be youtubers. Everyone says that the dream is stupid but we keep dreaming. You have made my 8 year old cousin and my day. There was one summer that I just sat in bed and watched most of your oasis series. We’ve been dreaming and wishing that this comes true and I hope it does. You have set out goals for children are age. You are the best and I hope that we can meet someday soon. It sounds impossible to me but really nothing is impossible anymore.

  166. Hey Cupquake, my name is dani and I’m 11 years old. You are my favorite youtubers and my cousin would say the same but because of you, you have made us want to be youtubers. Everyone says that the dream is stupid but we keep dreaming. You have made my 8 year old cousin and my day. There was one summer that I just sat in bed and watched most of your oasis series. We’ve been dreaming and wishing that this comes true and I hope it does. You have set out goals for children are age. You are the best and I hope that we can meet someday soon. It sounds impossible to me but really nothing is impossible anymore.

  167. Hi Cupquake my name is Jennifer i love your videos and you make my life easy because my mom is a drunk person and when i watch your videos it make me happy and feel better.
    p.s. red your funny plus i hope you two see this.

  168. Hello, Cupquake! I love your videos so so so so much. I wonder why your husband always loses. Please, please tell me.Signed: Gogo, 5+ years old from Sofia, Bulgaria

  169. johnny esperon : March 23, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Hi cupquake my name is johnny and I’m a staff seargent in the army.. So we move a lot, but one thing that stay the same is your videos… My daughter Alexa is 7 and I got her a iPad for Xmas.. All she does is watch you videos.. Is funny cuz I tell her if you are not done with your homework and cleaning your room you can’t watch cupquake lol.. She is a huge fan and she laugh so hard watching you.. So I want to thank you… And I would be the best dad in the world if you can send my baby girl an birthday card made by you I’ll pay for shipping … I just got back from Afghanistan so this will earn me points lol… Thank you you can email me

  170. Dear cupquake sorry if I am writing to you to much I am a big fan of you so I am so existed to leave a comment for you you are really pretty

  171. Dear cupquake my sister wishes that you could com to her birthday party or get something from you so could you at least ,or maybe get her something or make her something???

  172. mirtia (margot) : March 22, 2015 at 8:38 am

    Hello ihascupquake .
    My name is Margot and I live in Italy. I am a child of eight years, and I really like your website. One day I want to meet you !!! Greetings from Italy .MARGOT

  173. Dear cupquake I have wanted to see you and red at minecon and get a otergragh sorry if I did not spell that right I am only in 4th grade

  174. Dear cupquake you are really funny and one day I wish I could meet you and red me well not just me my sister to you are cool and you keep up that minecraft gamming

  175. A day like yesterday,March 19 1988 ,a great person was born.That person’s name is Tiffany Michelle Garcia or Cupquake :). From the day she started you tube she has brought smiles to our lives. She inspires many and most of us. That same person has made many things that inspire us to keep going(at least me). In my life Tiffany (cupquake) has been a great influence in my life and many other people. Hope that you have a great B-day Tiffany!! <3

  176. hi guys

  177. IcyShapeshift : March 18, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Hi Ihascupquake! I sent you a video for your birthday! If it’s possible, could you look at the video? My friend and I love you! You are awesome! (It’s also my friend’s birthday as well) Thanks! You’re awesome!

  178. Hi Cupquake I Really Want you to start a new minecraft osais and i just want to say im 10 years old i live in petersburg i want you as a friend on facebook please and i was asking can you send me a usb card as a gift please i would really love it if you sent me one


    P.S.Tell Red I Said Hi To Please

    Loves and Kisses

  179. Trinity Cozby : March 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Hi. Me and my sister are huge fans of yours but I need to tell you something. Last year my six year old sister was diagnosed with a type of cancer called leukemia. She is seven now ( getting better but still on treatment ) but when she was sick in the hospital we would watch your vids together and it would cheer her up. Please let me know if there is a way for me to let you know more info. she wanted me to ask you to play her favorite game. I told her I cant so she doesn’t even know that I am doing this. Please contact me.


    Jacy & Trinity Cozby

  180. Hey it’s me again sorry but I forgot to ask u something how was that new 3ds?
    Hope red is good to I love ur videos I can’t get enough of them keep doing what ur doing ur amazing at makeing videos u make me very happy when I’m sad thx.;)

  181. Hi I’m Emily and I was wondering if you’re going to the comiccon in Calgary it would make my dreams come true if u did hopefully you get this

    • Oh and what’s ur fan mail address I made u something ur gonna love it when or if u get it make a video about it plz I am asking for a lot but I love u ur my fave you tuber!!!

  182. Hi I love your headphones I was wondering where you got them?

  183. hi cupquake,
    i really love you , you and red are my insperation and i truly love you! i world just like to say that one day i hope to meet you and red because i am probly your biggest fan. i hope you get a chance to read this ! thanks love you (gives verterel hug) btw you are super buatifull.

  184. You are awesome! The best youtuber EVER! From DIYs to gameplay. I will never stop watching and loving your videos. You’ve inspired me so much in the last year. So thank you. I understand Youtube is not easy and the fact that you do this to entertain and inspire viewers is really great.

  185. LIENA contreras : March 14, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    ihascupquake i have been watching for over one year can you start a new minecraft seiries. Can red be more involved please repley
    to my email.


  186. Shannon Hudson : March 14, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    My daughter thinks you’re just AWESOME!!!!
    Any chance you’ll be visiting Australia in the near future????

  187. Hi Cup quake,
    I’m 11 and have a crystal I want you to add to your collection. Shard can I send it?

  188. My six year old son is obsessed with FNAF. He watched your animated short on YouTube and I loved it even more than he did. It was adorable and hilarious.

  189. Hi my name is sahiya I am 7 and I love you:)

  190. I know you get these comments daily but my daughter, Cecelia, is 8, and she watches your videos everyday. Her father passed away in June and she has had a hard time adjusting to the change. Watching your videos makes her smile and laugh. That little girl giggle comes back into her when she watches you and Red play games together. You have also inspired her to be a youtube blogger like you! We went to a car show over the weekend and she brought the camera to try and start her blog. She has yet to make a video that she actually want’s to post yet. She is still working on that! Thank you for giving her inspiration, happiness, and for giving me my little girl giggle that I love to hear from my daughter! It is much appreciated by the both of us! Keep up the awesome work!

  191. Hey!!!! I just emailed u but I wanted to ask again I case u didn’t get it!! Are u and Red going to comic con in nec this year????? If so, can’t wait to meet u guys!!!!! Luv all that u have done so far for the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Dear ihascupquake, after seeing you cosmic dreamer painting I drew my own version I would really appreciate it if I could send it to you but I don’t know how please tell me. and could you please wish me luck on my blood tests because im scared to death of needles ❤️ Love you so much Tiffy

  193. Amanda Loberg : March 8, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Hi Tiffany. My name is Amanda and I am a super big fan. I am following you on Instagram. My name is @amanda_and_colin on Instagram. I saw ur post with Ruby and Chubby. I was wondering if chubby was your dog. Also, I have a picture of you on my Instagram account if you want to check it out.

  194. Moriah JACKSON : March 7, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Ihascupquake I wanted to know if you wanna play minecraft with me and send me something that I can remember you of please reply if we can play minecraft together please I believe we become great friends please give me a chance.

  195. Hey Cupquake!!! Your m favorite youtuber!!!!! EVER! I love your Chubby Bunny Challenge Video! You make my frown turn upside down! Whats your favorite animal? That’s maybe in the zoo? My favorite animals are Pandas! Because they are SO fluffy and cuddly and ADORABLE when they are born!!! Did you know, baby pandas are the size of a STICK OF BUTTER when they are born? CUTE! Please write back iHasCupquake!

  196. Ashley Vardiman : March 6, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Hi cupquake! My name is Ashley! My Friend Charlize and I Love you videos! We go to General Beatle Elementary School in Rapid City, SD. You always make us laugh and smile. You gave inspiration on being a youtuber and a music maker! on Cupquake minecraft episode 4 or 5 what you said made me feel better because I am going through trouble sents my mom and dad are devorse they been battling on who can I be with for the summer and who I can with for the school year. So when I go through stress about that (witch is all the time) I watch your videos and it makes me feel better. You are awesome!! So thanks!

  197. HI Ihascupquake, I am a BIG fan of urs i watch u everyday and u are amazing. Its my dream to meet u but i am 9 years old so i really don’t know how i will ever meet u. I also sent u an email but i never got a reply from u, If u could talk to me by any chance it be a dream come true. I LOVE U IHASCUPQUAKE

  198. Hey there Cupquake! I am a big fan of yours, so I’m really nervous about this. I’m writing an article for my school newspaper about you and would love to get an interview! Thank you for considering and keep up the great work.

    ((I was also going to ask you to play FNAF3 because I would only watch if it you played it. It seems that you’ve read my mind.))

  199. Hey ihacupquake!
    I am a huge fan of your videos. I started watching you about 1 year ago and since then I have been sharing your videos with my friends. I live in a remote area and it is often hard to enjoy it there, but when I watch your videos you always make me SUPER happy. I think you are amazing… and I also really apreciate it that you dont cuss and keep your videos clean. You are the most amazing youtuber EVER and I hope we could meet sometime. I also just recently started a youtube channel… and I do pixel art here. I was wondering is it ok if I pixelize your logo. It would be a great honor if I would be allowed, I would give your channel link and such. If you would like to visit my channel first it is: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VYxNxRWmh0uCVXECuS06Q

    Leon BRaun

  200. Hi ihascupquake what is origin name?
    I Want to know because want to download your house in the sims 4

  201. Hi I has cupquake

    My name is Stephen Rafferty and I am a stand up comedian,youtuber,Guinness World Recorder for the most straws in my hair at one time, Author & Podcaster.

    I wanted to contact you to see if you would like to review my first publication called fifty ridiculous drawings and funny sayings In less than fifty pages.It is a comedy picture book that’s less than fifty pages and it is exactly what the title says. This book was officially released on August 25th . I will give you a free copy (hard copy) to you if you decide to do this. It doesnt half to be a video but if it could be a shout out that would be awesome!!
    Let me know and thank you!!


  202. Musicalfudgetacos : March 2, 2015 at 8:56 am

    Hi! I’m Sofia. And I have been watching you since November 2014. I never knew you before then. My cousin who is 2 years older than me watches you sometimes, but I always check for awesome videos. I am 9 years old and I love that you are so cheery. It’s hard for me, cause of sensitivity. But you always cheer me up. Thanks for being the meowing cool cat.

  203. Hi,

    My daughter absolutely loves you… Your films, your tips on games, your hair… Yes particularly your hair…
    She saw the episode (is that what you call them? Sorry if that makes me sound a bit old…?) where you tested sweets (candy) and she asked if we could send you some of our local delicacies, so out of her own pocket money she brought some, not only British, but Devonian sweets for you to try.

    Do you have an address that I can forward them too? I totally understand that you may not wish to give out your personal address, but is there anywhere else?

    Thank you for not only giving my daughter hours of fun, but also me hours of peace…
    Fondest regards
    PS I messaged you on FB too.

  204. Hi I’m Caitlin i love your videos!i love your personaliy.i watch your vibios every day.
    Sorry if I got some of my Bs anb Ds swoped I have bislexia.

  205. Ashley Vardiman : February 28, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Cupquake. I am your Number 1# Fan. You inspiered me to be a youtuber like you! I am 11. I always talk to my Friend Charlize and Abbigale about you, and we even made a fan club for you!! I wish I can play with you on minecraft, you also inspiered me to do lots of art, and baking! You are the best ever!!!

  206. Hi cupquake you and Red are awesome!I luv u guys!

  207. Hey Cupquake,
    I’m wondering if your going to Comic-Con in Denver? And even if Comic-Con is in denver.

  208. Hi Cupquake! I love your videos! They make me smile and laugh and are so addicting! Minecraft is one of my favorite games and watching you play seems more interesting than when I do! You build all these amazing things! I was wondering, would you live to do a Minecraft series or episode with me! If you said yes that would be a dream! Love you soooooooo much!

    P.S. Link and Navi are so cute!

  209. Hello cupquake,
    I want to meet you can you come to Michigan and can u send me some thing

  210. Matthew Partida : February 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Hello. Um my name is Matthew i am 12 years old in middle school i really do get bullied alot, people call me fat, discusting, faggot and i was really hurt intill i saw your videos on youtube and you just made me happy. Your happiness makes me happy. And when people at my school say stuuf at me the only thing i think of is you. I ignore them and think of you. So i have made a poem for you its not great but i tried
    I love you more then i love Cupcakes
    I have never hated you more then i hate Earthquakes
    You are more beautiful then the sun
    And when you are happy i have fun.
    I love you Cupquake

  211. ih i’m nani.thats just my nick name.my real name is naniloa.and no i’m not huwin.I don’t know if you wached my video but if you did then i’m glad someone cares about what think.because i’m alwas left out.once i was at my own birthday party and we were staying at a hotel.and we were going to stay a night then leave in the eavning .well they left me at the hotel and didn’t notice till they got home.oh and please don’t post any of this as a video .i don’t want enyone to know .hope you under stand.:-}but i just wanted you to know that you make fell like i can put my self out there.i finally made 2 friends . and it’s you and red.:-)

  212. I have always been a fan. My friend Olivia, lived in a small home and loved out doors. Now she loves hoop danceing and live in a place with a huge yard, you are a great influence to everyone even i like hoop dancing now!

  213. Hey cupquake. Sorry if I spell some things wrong. Its because I’m only ten years old and I’ve been watching you’re channel for 5 years actually(I was 5 when I started watching). So my friend and I have been wondering when the next time you’re going to go to comicon. Btw it’s February 22,2015 so yeah. I forgot to introduce my friend and i. My name is Kaysi-Rose Louise Cowdrey but everyone calls me Kaysi. My friends name is Margaret Elizabeth Graham but everyone calls her Maggie. I can’t wait to see you at comicon if I go with my friend but I don’t know if she will ever go either. I love you cupquake as a friend and I hope we meet someday.

  214. Hi Ihascupquake I am your biggest fan and I think you are pritty can you tell Mario I say hi and that he is the best oh and can you go on girls go games and go on adventure and go on the one that says something theme park thanks

  215. hi im ashley im only 7 wel i love your vidios lol im jasi a girl . evrey game you play i play you are my favret

  216. hi cupquake im only 7 ivben waching your videos i love your vidose ill see you latr

  217. Hi cupquake,me my friend have been wanting to go to comicon(I don’t know if that’s how you spell it)and we wanted to know when the next time you were going to comicon. Will you please tell me how to get there,the next time you are going,and where it is? By the way,I’m 10 and my friend is nine. By the way,my name is Kaysi(Casey)and her name is Margeratt but she goes by Maggie so will you please also give us a shout out? I would also really like if you could give the seed for the enchanted oasis but the only thing I can play Minecraft on is my tablet and I only have pocket addition so please please please do that.

  218. hi cupquake I love your vids an i’m so happy that I found out about your website cause now I can finally write to you 😉 . You were the firs you tuber I ever saw and i’m telling my two best friends and everyone in my classroom about you so the love can spred<3. My closest friend started watching you about a month ago an she thinks your awesome :P. (FYI we both agree our favorite color is purple)My best friend,who is a boy, has a YouTube channel called Minino Gamez and he really needs some more help with it and,if its not too much to ask,please give him a shout out,after you watch him obviously.Keep making great videos dont ever stop being creative.<3 🙂

  219. Hi I would like to know when you are going to conventions like cocmicon coming up in Seattle I would love toeet you there if you are going please let Me know either on this or YouTube or message me back

  220. hi cupquake,
    i’m a big fan I really enjoy your vidoes especially your fnaf animated keep it up

  221. Hi Cupquake!
    My daughters LOVE you! I would like to surprise them with a trip to the US this year and I wondered if you are appearing at any gaming Conventions that I can bring them to????

  222. Hi Cupquake,
    I need to tell you another story about me…..I was bullied and I actually started to cut myself.It felt like the right thing to do but in till I met this boy and we started dating in till he broke up with me as well.But when I started watching your videos it really mad me feel better and made me accept who I was and not only was I bullied I felt more loving about myself.Thank you for all you have done for me.
    Love ya

  223. Hi Cupquake,
    I need to tell you another story about me…..I was bullied and I actually started to cut myself.It felt like the right thing to do but in till I met this boy and we started dating in till he broke up with me as well.But when I started watching your videos it really mad me feel better and made me accept who I was and not only was I bullied I felt more loving about myself.Thank you for all you have done for me.
    Love ya

  224. Hi Cupquake! Big fan of your show! I watch it all the time! You are one of the best YouTubers I know!

  225. Hi,
    I’m Nathaly’s big sister she loves you a lot and her emotions go crazy when you post a video.A few days ago she was heart-broken when she found out she dint get a U.S.B.Have any tips on making her happy???

  226. Hi cupquake! I’m a HUGE fan and I recently bought a usb! I love it! I just wanted to ask, if anybody else knows, where can I send in fanart that I’ve made? <3

  227. Hi Cupquake!

    I am 10 years old and I have been watching you since I was 5. I have re watched hundreds of your videos. I made some screenshots, so I made this collage for you. Just copy it and paste it in the search bar and press enter.

    You have never disappointed me in your videos. You make me happy when I’m incredibly, incredibly sad. 3 people I cared about died in 1 month. I really hope you read this and look at my collage.


  228. hey cupquake i love to watch ur vids . in youtube wiki i say something mind blowing
    it said you divorced with Mario!
    i didn’t believe it. pls tell me if its true 🙁

  229. Sorry I meant I’m 10 and make more videos plz

  230. Hi I love your episodes and your personality and Im 11.CupQuake can you please tell me why you stopped the sims 3 mystic future.I was really sad when I tried to look for the 52nd episode but found nothing.I love your other channels and episodes too,but I was just getting into the mystic future.Please reply.

    THANK YOU!!!!
    (P.S. Tell red I love his weird yet funny faces and he’s awesome!)

  231. Hi Cupquake I know this sounds fake but I have watched all your videos I hope you will keep making amazing videos and can you respond back if you see this. From,Alex Smith P.S. Can you make more DIYs I like watching them and I’m. 9 years old.

  232. Hi Cupquake my name is Taylor and I am 8 yr old girl. I really like your art and I love minecraft and watching your videos. I painted you a picture of a girl kreeper and I want to send it to you. Do you have a way I can send it? Love Taylor

  233. Hi cupquake I love your vids an was just wandering if your going to EDC this year cause I hear its in Puerto Rico and I would,along with other people,like to meet you.If you are goin please tell me if you are going to have a meet up.<3 🙂

  234. Hi cupquake I love your vids an was just wandering if your going to EDC this year cause I hear its in Puerto Rico and I would,along with other people,like to meet you.

  235. Hi my name is Lina Sosa and my little sister, Valeria Sosa, would like it to send you Fan Art.

  236. hi cupquke you are the most amazing person ever. i was wondering if i could play gang beasts with you. you are awesome and creative i am a huge fan of you. and In my dream i see me,you,and red play lots of games. i love you.;]

  237. Hey cupquake I am getting my ecspander in the day before redb15s bday and i am horrified about it please tell me some tips

  238. Hi Cupquake, I was wondering if you got my email around Halloween. It was about my Halloween costume. Anyway, I love watching you and Red, you guys always make me smile and laugh. Thank for the amazing videos and thank you for your time.

  239. hey cupquake i really love your videos i was just wondering if you had the time you come look at my friend’s deviantart her devintart is UniversialAwesomeness she is a giant fan of yours and you happened to say her pic of you as a deer was cute in your google video. i would really love it if you did but i know you don’t have time for everyone 🙂

  240. Hi Ihascupquake

    I would like to know if you can start a new series of Minecraft but you show mods for people who need a resource of Minecraft mods
    P.S. can you please respond

  241. Theo or DiamondCat : February 10, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    Today after school I got my bands put in I am getting ecspanders then a crib then braces my ecspanders are getting put in on Tuesday my bands hurt soooooooooooooooo mutch bye.
    From theo (DiamondCat)

  242. Hi cupquake have always loved your videos I hope one day I can be as great as you .


  243. I’m sorry my 8 year old daughters name is emmi

  244. My 8 year old daughter she watched all your videos.She learned alot of things from you.She laughed at all your funny jokes.Even when she is sick you alway make her laugh.When she is mad ,sad or sick you just make her day.She will tell me everything and I laugh to.I’m 37 and I still watch you with my daughter.Your so awsome we really love you.P.SI know what you mean when you say your not ready for a kid a have one kid and I had it at 29

  245. Theo the girl : February 9, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Theo is my real name I call myself DiamondCat because I was scared but I not scared because you would never do anything bad I am struggling in school and breathing problems such as asma don’t know if I spelt it right I watch your videos because they calm me and make me happy when I was 3/5 my parents broke up my life changed and I didn’t even know it I am 9 and my name is Theo and I don’t care if it’s a boy name because you show me it matters about your personality more than you name or what you look like from Theo.P.B.

  246. Joshua Strick : February 8, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    Hey Cupcake. My name is Josh and I have 2 daughters who LOVE your videos. Because of you, I have gotten both my daughters a Minecraft account. With that being said, they inspire to do the things you do on minecraft. Sadly, I have PC ignorant and have no idea on how to start with all these mods, packs, and server business. Any tips would be awesome. My daughters are Sofia 12 and Sara 10. I haven’t heard my daughters laugh so hard at anything else on YouTube. After watching you myself, let me just say that I am extremely happy that someone such as yourself is out there being yourself and entertaining the masses so simply. Thank you on behalf of my daughters and keep on doing what your doing.

    Joshua Strick

  247. Carter Stevenson : February 7, 2015 at 5:14 am

    Hi Ihascupquake
    I’m getting really stressed out lately because of three projects i have to do at the same time! So can you make a video of something every week on a certain day so i have something to look forward to thx

  248. Hei ihascupquake, i`m 12 years old and in minecraft oasis season 1 you had a perfekt place to stay, but i want to know that seed, in 1.7.2

  249. hi ihascupqauke big fan i would like to sign up for valentine thing pls i don’t know were to go i love your channel ihascupqauke and tell red i said hi

  250. Hi Cupquake!
    I just wanna say you are amazing! When I get home from school when I go on YouTube the first thing I do is check my subscription box for any new videos by you! Last Christmas my mum bought me a purple cupquake hoodie and it was the best ever present! I have always wanted to go to minecon or go to LA so I can meet you in person! I know I am just another fan but I really do hope you read this! I hope that in the future I do get to meet you even though I am pretty much halfway around the world from you ;(. Eve though its bad I’m still hoping, wishing and dreaming! Anyway,
    From Sophie 😀 <3 <3

  251. hi cupquake. my name is maddie and i really enjoy watching ur minecraft,quake and bake, and diygg videos. i joined a diy enrichment after school class recently and ive had so much fun. i think you are very pretty and make great videos. i hope you could do another collab with stacyplays. have you ever thought of making a my little pony themed quake and bake? if not, then i think that would be a really good idea. you are one of my favorite youtubers and i hope you know that. please do many more minecraft videos and good luck on making 3 million subscribers on your youtube channel

  252. Hi ihascupquake my name is Kayla I have loved your videos for over a year I am 10 and i have been seeing your videos after I turned 9. I heard you had a give-away? I couldn’t find out the details I would like you to know you are the most brilliant wonderful cheerful person. And red should be in more videos that are not husband vs. wife.

  253. Hi,Cupquake.I am your fan.My name is anna,and I want to write:
    YOU are so creative and Funny,I LOVE your channel.
    If I wrong a word,sorry but I am romanian.


    P.S i wish you have a shout out if you do plz add me first.

  255. Hi Cupquake. My name is Raven Sutherland. I am the mother of seven children and one of those children is Eternity. She is ten years old and the bravest child I know.
    At the beginning of January she came forward to disclose she had been sexually assaulted by someone we knew. She was terrified, but she did it. I stood by her and we are going through the process of pressing charges. It has not been easy for us because I had no choice, but to leave our home for the sake of her safety.
    Through this all she has had it tough, but one of the pleasures she takes part in is watching all the videos made by you, Cupquake. She is such a wonderful and brave little girl and I am thankful for any happiness she experiences. Thank you making my princess giggle and smile. Thank you.

    • Hi Raven,
      We’d like to send your daughter something special. Please email us at shop@ihascupquake.com

      • hi there iHasCupquake I wanted to know ur fanmail address so I can talk to u al the time

      • Hi cup quake I am marissa I am a kid I love your vides so much I watch them and I laughs so so so hard.When I saw your give away I started screaming and I said mom mom we have to enter and she said ok I didn’t win but I was glad I entered if u want to talk to my mom and skype me my skype.We moved from spring valley to menifee California i was sad I lost all my firends but it took a month to get use to it beacuse I grew up in California but u make me smile and that will never stop

      • Hello, ihasCupquake! i would love if some how we could play minecraft together? it would be like the best thing ever in my life! i have spent like, $26.00 so i could play minecraft and one day try to play with you! i just don’t know how i don’t know if i have to have the realms thing on minecraft or something i just really want to play with you!

      • Hi cup quake I just have to say thank you soooo much.you have helped my son so much by making your videos.my son recently was released from a heart operation.he loves you soo much and he tells me every day that you are his hero because when he was in the hospital all he wanted was to watch your videos .you kept him going when he was close to failing you are his biggest inspiration

        So thank you for saving my son
        And to this day he can’t help but be grateful for your help.

        Thank you for keeping him alive

      • Hi Cupquake,
        I love seeing your videos and they inspire me to make stuff and do stuff I have never done before.I would love for you to make a video of how you talk to different fans and even send them stuff.I would love if you did that for me by mail or even reply on this comment or website.You are my best friend and it would be such an honor to meet you for the very first time.But I know because I live far away from you.Thank you and I hope that you can reply on this and plz send me something very special.

        Love ya,

      • Hi ihasCupquake I cant tell you my name but im a big fan I have always wanted to meet or talk on the phone with you
        I <3 you

      • Shelby Armentrout : February 22, 2015 at 7:24 am

        Dear Ihascupquake,
        My life is hard with my brother, my mom and my dad but I wanna tell u all out there who r reading this, i wanna tell something.I am in the prosses of being picked on right now. I have red hair, and brown eyes, with red velvet glasses covering them up. But that told me something about myself. Its okay to be different. My friend Lauren Daniel loves you with all her heart. ur in my and her blood so i would love it if you went to hangouts and typed in Its both of our hangouts Ids. But its okay if ur different caise if u weren’s the world would be so boring…… that’s why God and Jesus made us…. ti e different, o not be like anybody else….. Bye Ihascupquake!!!!!!!!!! : p. : 0. 😉

      • Hi Cupquake I would like to meet you plz reply to me and my birthday is June 5 it’s soon love you

      • hello ihascupquake my name is amnda.im 8 years old and i watch your videos.im a big fan well…….you have a lot of other fans.i just want to say your really special in my heart.your giggles make me laugh when ever i feel bad. and reds jokes make me happy.i hope i get to see you and red someday.everyday i always feel sad and i would always watch your videos because it makes me feel really happy.toaday i had a dream that i got to see you and red. when i woke up that dream never came true.thank you for making me happy through those tough years.
        p.s tel navi,link and ruby i said hi

        • hi ihascupquake its me amanda. ever since i started watching you videos. i always wished i got something that was from you so i can remember the times when you made me laugh.i just wish i could see you in person i love you and your videos.

      • Hi cupquake you all ways make me laugh a lot and your purple hair is AMAZING I think your the best youtuber ever because look at you,you’ve grown a commutany and me my self has made you and your amazing also hey I’m Brooklyn wigley

      • Hey ihascupquake , I’m a BIGGEST fan of yours.And I’ve been wondering if u had opened a P.O box so I
        Can send LOTS of fan mail

      • hey ihascupquake , ive been wondering if u had opened a P.O BOX , if u did please reply back to me P.S im a big fan of yours.

      • hi ihascupquake im you BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!! you inspire me to do things like u u r amazing keep up the good work on youtube

      • hi cupquake u are such an inspiration to me and i love all of your videos i wuz wondering if u could make a hoop dance tutorial video showing us some of ur tricks. thank you

    • Jordan Hubbard : February 8, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      Sorry for your daughter. You will be in my prayers. I’ve had a tough year but not as bad as your daughter. Hope you feel better about the situation.

    • Ihascupquake you are so alsome please stop swearing

    • I Love you so much and I just would love to meet you I made a shirt and you are on it I was hoping we could meet at my home I live on braircliff Dr. And I live in Louisiana plz reply love amber

    • Hi cupquake!

      I enjoy your vids soo much! I’m 11 now, and when I had a tough time, I was watching youtuber’s draw my life. And when I saw yours, I was so, inspired by you. I carried on watching your videos, and became one of your happy fans. Since then, you’ve made me laugh through bad times with school and life. It’s just been a pleasure, and thank you, so, so much. One of my favourite videos was gang beats, that was funny! Thx cupquake, just, thank u xxx Lolly
      P.S. In future, if I’m a full youtuber, I’ll let you know, as you inspired me. <3

      • Still wishing I lived in Amercia, cuz that’s the country where everything is very… Active(?) I guess you could say, with all the popular pple xx

    • hi

    • Nyla daniels : March 26, 2015 at 8:16 pm

      Hi Cupquake I’m Nyla.I have been watching you for 3 years now.Im not allowed to have a youtube channel but so glad I can comment on your website.Ive been dying to tell you how much you’ve inspired me. I’m a girl gamer aswell.when I would tell people that that would think oh girls can’t do this or that and I got discouraged.But when I found out about you I was so happy! I was like FINNALY A GIRL WHO IS HERSELF AND IS A GAMER!!!You made me proud of who I am and I never got to thank you for that so thank you so much.I came out my shell and people accepted me for who I am because of you.I think it’s brace we are both Pisces lol. I love you Cupquake without you I would have been a totally differnt person.Thanks again Tell red and link and navi I said hi.

  256. Michael Capanelli : February 2, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Hello Cupquake,

    My son Christian is an avid Minecraft player and often what he’d crafting videos on youtube. Lately he’s been watching your channel very often. Well, to make this short, I finally got it out of him that he has quite the crush on you. If you don’t mind, could you give a shout out in one of your videos to a smitten 5 year old? It’d be fun to watch him blush. Thanks in advance for you time and keep up the very cool and serendipitous work.

    Michael C

  257. hi cupquake and i realy want to go in your world but i don’t have the seed so if you get this email send me the seed when you get the chance irealy want to go on starburst you are soooo cute
    ps. Red you are hansome:]

  258. Hi I am so existed to give you a comment I have watched you since I was 5 years old now I am 9 years old I tell all of my friends about you one of my friends adores you as much as i do I am Theo I am a girl with a boys name I have something to ask you can you try out aerox and sim city build it and minion rush there all on I pad . My dream in life is to meet you I have one more thing to ask can you do more DIYs on Alice in wonder land themed cosplay because when I saw your white rabit costume I told all my friend so Alice in wonder land is are Halloween costumes for 2015 and I will always love your videos. Sincerely .Theo. Feb.1 2015

  259. Pedro V. on behalf of Giselle V. (My Daughter) : February 1, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Hello Cupquake, my daughter Giselle who is seven years old is a juggernaut fan of you and your husband. She watches your YouTube videos religiously. She has been requesting that I send you a message for weeks of which I truly do not get involved with social media however she is my princess and I can’t say no to her.

    Giselle says to say hi and that she is your greatest fan.

  260. Dear ihascupquake , my birthday is this month and i am a big fan of yours. my friend will was the person tat sent you about cookie clicker. i went Cray Cray. i miss you playing mine craft can you do a series for me plz i have nothing to watch:(. from,Gracie

  261. hi cupquake big fan please add me to ur email and what is it anyway thanks <3

  262. hey i just fineshed the oasis series and the thing that i liked the wiverins starburst but i think you should of played w the horses more can you start a series that you only have a cupple mods and i think you are soooooooo awesome and i would love it if you would make 1 video that shows me how to join your world
    i like you cupquake, love Jenna white

  263. Amanda Dennis : January 28, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Hello, my name is Amanda and I have a 3 year old daughter named Hudson. She is OBSESSED with ur YouTube channel. She watches you on her tablet allll day! She makes anyone who comes over watch one of ur videos. It’s her birthday coming up and I was wondering if u can give a little shout out to her. I know it’s asking a lot but I know it really would mean the world to her. Please. If u were able to do something for her would be wonderful. From the bottom of my heart thank you. 🙂

  264. Jordan Hubbard : January 27, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    You are amazing. I love your personality and videos. Thank you for being a great influence.
    JORDAN <3

    • Jordan Hubbard : February 8, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      Dear Cupquake,
      My name is Jordan. I am adopted and have been beet up in school multiple times and your videos give me hope to keep doing well because you keep going in your videos even when you die in Minecraft or loose in another game. Thank you for giving me the confidence to keep going!:)

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