• Disney Princess Vampire Diaries: Ariel

    I have been getting a ton of requests to start playing the Sims again. I have been itching to create another episodic series and thought the newest Vampires pack would be perfect! I love exploring new packs together and letting the story of my Sims unravel... This time I wanted to take a different approach. [...] Continue Reading
  • Trying Voice Impressions

    Tried something a little different recently. I thought it would be really fun to try and do some voice impressions! I don't ever really do voices, so I'm not even sure if I'm good at it, but here goes! I tried impersonating some of my favorite characters from some of my favorite cartoons; Adventure Time, [...] Continue Reading
  • Beach Day!

    It's definitely summer in Los Angeles, every day this month has felt like a perfect beach day — mostly because we know it's a lot cooler by the ocean. So, we packed our tote bags yesterday and brought the whole team to the beach! Operation Office Beach Day was a huge success. We had fun [...] Continue Reading
  • MINEBLOX: Minecraft vs Roblox Animation

    The anticipation is over! Mineblox is here! *balloons* *air horn* *confetti* On Facebook, a fan named Connor described this video pretty well, as being like Romeo & Juliet; where Red is stuck in Roblox and Cupquake is stuck in Minecraft, their love is forbidden but the find a way to be together! He got all [...] Continue Reading
  • Throwback: The Idiot Test

    Throwback to a Flash Friday vid from 2015! I love games like this because they set you up for failure. You start overthinking everything. The simplest questions seem SO DIFFICULT! Reminding us all that we are bad at math. They are so fun and simultaneously so frustrating! So here it is... a throwback to The [...] Continue Reading
  • New Items in the Shop

    Just a quick merch update, because we have new items in our shop! As well as having new merch, some of our older items are running very low in supply — like the chibi poster and the signed enchanted poster! We have new hoodies, new pins, and new necklaces available in the shop NOW! As [...] Continue Reading
  • Roblox Mermaids with Cybernova

    Part of that woooooorld... I'm a mermaid! Ariel would be so proud. Cybernova and I had a blast playing Roblox as mermaids! We had fun exploring the world on our little adventure, which included a little misadventure. We discovered caves, swam in a fairy pond, and found Bernice and Bob. We had a lot of [...] Continue Reading
  • Reacting to React Videos of Our Animations

    [insert evil laugh here] Prepare your chuckle boxes! Reaction videos can be so much fun — so I decided to search for some reactions to our animations and film my reaction to them! It's just like Inception. These videos were really fun to watch. It's great to see people's responses to details in a video. [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy Fourth of July!

    Fireworks! Flags! Barbecues! Sparklers! Independence! Wishing everyone in the U.S. a happy Fourth of July! Whether you're spending time at home with family or near a beach with friends, be safe and have a blast! (Pun intended.) Celebrate your independence, be in the moment, and enjoy the company of those you're with. Here's hoping your [...] Continue Reading
  • Some Adorable Fan Art

    I think some of my favorite pieces of fan art are pieces that sort of reimagine myself, or Mario and I, as anime or cartoon characters. It is so interesting to see how people think we should be portrayed as drawn versions of ourselves. I recently noticed these sketches by a young artist named Jocelyn, [...] Continue Reading
  • It’s Summertime!

    Summer is here! Summer is here! Summer is here! Get out your bathing suits and head to the beach! Summer. Is. Here! A perfect summer would include being poolside every day but we all know that's virtually impossible. But a girl can dream! I just want to fill a pool with vibrant inflatables, eat a popsicle, [...] Continue Reading
  • ihascupquake-vidcon-writeup Thank You, VidCon!

    VidCon never disappoints! We had so much fun this year! I had a blast meeting so many of you, playing games, and hanging out at the SweeTarts booth. We're still coming down from three days filled with so much energy and excitement. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our booth! VidCon has [...] Continue Reading