• Weird Girly Games

    What kind of games are girls playing these days? Several weeks ago I dove into some weird flash games that I found on Girls Go Games. It starts with Slimeylimey's Slime Maker which in the end... made me a little angry. Because then all I wanted to do was go play with slime. From there [...] Continue Reading
  • Our First Date

    Here's an adorable look at how Mario and I met! It has been a while since we told this story, we thought it would be fun to have an animated short created to tell the tale of our first date. Before you click play, can you guess or do you already know what movie we [...] Continue Reading
  • Hands On Star Wars: Jedi Challenges!

    You guys, we began Jedi training! Lenovo sent us their Lenovo Mirage AR Headset and Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, which came with their amazing lightsaber controller! We had so much with this game because it's unlike anything we have played before. The AR headset is powered by a smartphone and projects the game over the [...] Continue Reading
  • Thank You, DesignerCon!

    We had so much fun this weekend at DesignerCon! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our booth and who came to our meet and greets. We really do love this convention a lot and we were very nervous about bringing our own booth to the show. Thankfully, everything went off without a [...] Continue Reading
  • Flashback: Stinky Poo

    Toilet humor. Who doesn't love a game about throwing poop into a toilet??? To be honest, I only ever clicked on this game because there was a picture of an adorable piece of poo! This game is ridiculously cute and the sound effects are hilarious. But don't let the cuteness fool you, it's also quite [...] Continue Reading

    The hype is real! This is a different kind of throwback. This console was our childhood! Not sure if many of you have ever seen these games, but playing the SNES was definitely a throwback for us. A lot of these games are harder than we remember! There are so many classic games available in [...] Continue Reading
  • See You at DesignerCon

    We are working overtime to get ready for our first ever DesignerCon booth. We love this convention so much! We have enjoyed attending each one for the last couple of years and now we are even more excited to be a part of the magic. We will be at our booth for a meet and [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy Halloween!!!

    It's the night we've all been waiting for... I hope you have an epic night of trick-or-treating! Dress up, have a lot of fun, and be safe! Also, remember that Halloween when Joey and I painted each other's faces? Check out this vid from 2015 and let me know what some of your favorite Halloween costumes [...] Continue Reading
  • Beatrix Slime Rancher Cosplay

    We all know by now how much I love Slime Rancher! The game is so cute that I already made DIY slime plushies. And now, because I think Beatrix is so adorable, I thought it would be awesome to dress up as her! So I wanted to sneak one more cosplay costume in before Halloween. [...] Continue Reading
  • Ghost of Halloweens Past

    I want there to be more Halloween! I can't seem to squeeze enough into this month. I wish October was longer every year. Here's a look back at few random Halloween videos from the last few years. Show these videos some love from the future and let me know what your favorite Halloween moments have [...] Continue Reading
  • More DIY Costumes for You and Your Pet

    Here are even MORE costumes for you and your pet! MamaQuake and I had so much fun making the previous video, which you can watch HERE, that we decided to whip up a few more costume ideas for Ruby and I. These DIY costumes are designed to be fairly easy. They need a little bit [...] Continue Reading
  • iHas: Halloween

    Let's face it, the entire month of October is a build-up to Halloween! It's a holiday that combines candy, costumes, and being a little creeped-out. It's great! And I couldn't let this month pass without doing as many Halloween themed things as possible. So with help from MamaQuake I'm happy to present to you our [...] Continue Reading