• Fan Art by Jeweul

    I love fan art. That's no secret. I have a wall dedicated to it in the office. What I love most though is when a fan is actively perusing their talents and testing their creative potential. In those instances the fan art is less about me (as it should be) and more about the person's [...] Continue Reading
  • Khaleesi & Jon Snow as Sims

    Is anyone missing Game of Thrones as much as me!? Here's a video to hold you over, at least for another day. I took the Sims 4 Genetics Challenge and gave it a little spin. I created Khaleesi and Jon snow — because I want to ship them so hard. And I wanted to create [...] Continue Reading
  • Flashback: Too Many Cupcakes

    I don't think we're ready for this flashback! Red and I went and did a cupcake tasting back in September of 2011. Literally six years ago this week. And we found out really quickly that there is definitely such a thing as too many cupcakes. This video is short and sweet. Take a trip down [...] Continue Reading
  • Sims Ugly To Beautiful Challenge

    I have been really enjoying playing SIMS lately. Building characters is so much fun. There are so many options, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes but it challenges me to stick with a theme and work with what I've got. This specific challenge had been recommended to me a few times, most recently by [...] Continue Reading
  • Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator

    I start off as a teenie tiny twig in hopes of getting swole. Haha! Since Mario and I have been working out and weight training, I thought it'd be fun to play Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator! I do some cardio, eat some protein bars, and I scream a lot — apparently that's how you get [...] Continue Reading
  • Time Goes By So Fast

    September is here. Which means fall is coming. Which means we're getting closer to the holidays and the end of the year when we typically reflect on things that are important to us and what we've accomplished in the past year. Growing up I always heard grownups say, "time goes by so fast," and I [...] Continue Reading
  • Creating a Sim: Aries Speed Art

    Continuing with the Create-A-Sim Zodiac series... it's time for Aries! Those born in the sign of the Aries are independent. They are leaders who are passionate and motivated. The symbol of this sign is the ram and their ruling planet is Mars. Aries is the definitive fire sign. When creating this SIM I definitely wanted [...] Continue Reading
  • Pocahontas Gets a Vampire Makeover

    In the previous episode of Disney Princess Vampire Diaries (which you can watch here), Pocahontas was bitten! And so now it's time to see her transformation into a vampire! It's my favorite part of the series — taking the princess's look to the dark side. Catch up on the series and see what's up with [...] Continue Reading
  • Toy Box Loot Giveaway!

    Toy Box Loot Giveaway! Our entire office has become a toy box! So, it's time to clean up. WE'RE GIVING AWAY TOYS!!! Click the link in our bio and enter for a chance to win one of five variety boxes filled with items you've seen us open in our videos! Five winners will each receive [...] Continue Reading
  • Throwback: My Futureself

    How cool would it be to talk to your future self? Welp, back in 2014 I used a quirky website app to do just that; talk to my future self. Sort of. You'll see that very quickly things are odd when I try talking to myself. I become convinced that this simulated version of me [...] Continue Reading
  • iHas: Back 2 School

    Even though the summer season isn't officially over yet, it does always feel like it ends just before Labor Day Weekend. With people heading to school, getting geared up for fall, and prepping the end of the year, I thought we'd do an iHas puzzle to celebrate all those back to school jitters. I know [...] Continue Reading
  • All Aboard the FRIEND-SHIP w/ StacyPlays

    ALL ABOARD THE FRIEND-SHIP! Stacy and I put our friendship to the test yet again as we try our hand at captaining a submarine and diving deep into the sea! On the way we encounter CRABS, NARWHALS, PENGUINS, AND DEATH! It took us a minute (or more) to get the hang of the controls and [...] Continue Reading