• What We’ve Been Working On

    Dropped this video last week, but just in case you missed it... here is an update of all the merch we've been working on, some of the things we're bringing to VidCon, and just an overall update of all the things! Just wanted to give you all an idea of everything that is going on [...] Continue Reading
  • Who Doesn’t Love Horses?!

    Are any of you guys playing StarStable? Are there any other Soul Riders out there? After playing the game I got an itch to see these beautiful creatures in real life! My friend Katie has a horse so I asked her if we could use him in one of our thumbnails for our StarStable video! [...] Continue Reading
  • Mondays!

    Sometimes Mondays are just... AAARGH! Is it because weekends can be so fun and relaxing, then we have to come back to reality with a day that almost sounds exactly like mundane? (haha) We should find a way to reinvent Mondays and make them more fun! Each week should really begin in a good place. [...] Continue Reading
  • Flashback to Drawing My Life

    I can't believe its been 4 years since I made this Draw My Life video! Crazy to think about how much time has passed! Looking back on this video kind of brings me chills because there's virtually an entire new video that I could draw from where this video leaves off up until now! Do [...] Continue Reading
  • The Butterfly Effect

    Recently Red and I noticed caterpillars in our back yard and we decided to help them grow by planting plants and giving them leaves to feed on. We noticed that they had taken into their chrysalis phase and we were so excited because we were able to capture the final stage of the process with [...] Continue Reading
  • Fan Art from Cody Sketches

    I see so many of you have such great talent — even at young ages. Cody is only 16 and already is producing pretty rad sketches! Including this awesome image of yours truly! I love this so much, it's so simple and clean and the colors are so perfect! Keep up the amazing work, Cody! [...] Continue Reading
  • Magical House Tour & Vlog

    Check out this recent vlog from the TiffyQuake channel! I took a tour of Amina's lovely apartment, which is so beautiful and so creative! I swung by the office to do some editing and opened some new Barbie's for the Toy Box Collectibles channel! And THEN I went home and played with a brand new [...] Continue Reading
  • My First VR Tournament

    You guys know I've been having a lot of fun playing games in VR. So it was a no-brainer when Oculus invited me to attend The Unspoken VR tournament this weekend! I'm super excited! It's my first VR tournament! The tournament will take place across multiple locations on Saturday, May 13. I will be at the Microsoft [...] Continue Reading
  • Rick and Morty VR: Virtual Rick-ality

    While I was sick last week I was able to catch up on Rick and Morty, which made playing their VR game that much more fun. I took some time to explore the world a little — especially the bathroom. Haha. Virtual worlds are meant to be explored and it's fun to be nosy. I [...] Continue Reading
  • An Adorable Piece of Fan Art

    Just wanted to take a moment and share this adorable piece of fan art that I noticed this week! It was posted to Instagram by @animu_lmaoboii. Loving the unicorn shirt and the rainbow earring. Also love that this looks like it was drawn completely in crayon. Nice work on this! I have such talented fans [...] Continue Reading
  • Minecraft Enchanted Bow & Lucky Blocks

    We recently cut loose on the Toy Box set and played with a Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow! (I know, it's not real Minecraft, but it was our own Minecraft mini game!) We set up our own homemade lucky blocks and took turns shooting at them. The bow and arrow is a lot of fun, [...] Continue Reading
  • Make Sure You Auto Save!

    Don't lose your progress. Start collecting your memories in one place with our Auto Save Autograph Book! Collect signatures and photos from your next gaming convention or event! You can even write notes so you never forget the important details of all the BEST DAYS EVER! We've been working on a few cool projects recently [...] Continue Reading