Catbug Cake Pops – Quake n Bake

Catbug Cake Pops - Quake n Bake

Hey Everyone! I read the comments from last week’s video and I saw comments about Bravest Warrior and specifically about the cute Catbug character so today we’ll be making Catbug Cake Pops! Here’s a quick summary 🙂

Before getting started, be sure to have the dough ready, crumbled with frosting. There is a video annotation on how to make cake pops in the video 😀


For instructions on how to make, check out the how-to video below! If you decide to try this, tweet me an image or post it on our facebook page!

Thanks for watching!


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  1. What was the ratio of white to blue candy melts?

  2. Emma Stubner : August 5, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    Go CatBug and PuppyCat

  3. I what to make it

  4. hey girl i wanted to say that i am A CRAZY FAN of yours and to let you know that my dad likes yo vids and you will see me a lot on yo websit and just to let you know that i am aculy 9 ternning 10 april 16 my cousin was born april 10 and she is tiny :l well anyways see ya!

  5. SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 😉 😉 well i saw the cloud9 vids and they are SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 cant wait for next ep. bye

  6. Hey I love your show and I love what you bake and I love your hair. Everybody thinks you cheat and I don’t think you do I love you but do you cheat but if there right I don’t care what they think because that’s not me I am my own person and I don’t think you cheat but by the way that was really sad when your moursuses died and your other thing died It was really sad what happened it was sad it was really really really really sad thank you and I love you and your show:)!!!!!

  7. Hay the update that your friend out is the one
    With the flower what u play with your husband
    Red cloud 9 I try 1.4.6 or 1.6.4 that but it
    Didn’t work

  8. Thank you for making videos that are appropriate for young kids! I had to make my kids stop watching Sky because of the language, and luckily they found yours:-). My 4 year old just wore a blue hair headband to school for picture day so she could be IhasCupquake. You’ve beaten out the Disney princesses Congratss! LOL

  9. i wana go on yor oasis to!!!!!

  10. sweet awsome job and i hav to sey can you make legend of zelda link and zelda cookies?

  11. Hi cupquake I really want to meet you but
    You live in lA but anyways will you play with
    Me on Minecraft we can go on yours because they I want to go to your oasis world by
    The way I’m Eight and I love watching your

  12. Hi every one I’m new to this website and I love cupquakes videos SOOOO FRACKIN MUCH (no offence peeps) you helped me through a really tough time <3

  13. Or make a cake of YOU

  14. Can you make minecraft wolf cookies

  15. Please read my comment below

  16. Can please do another conest because I want to join all those conest this whole time but I couldn’t because I just found out about you this summer and thought you were a really geeat person I statrted following you on facebook, instgram, and Twitter. So would you please do another conest for me and I am a really big fan of yours

  17. DudaCupquaker4ever : September 3, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Hi cupquake! I’m a fan from Brazil but i still speak english and i just wanted to say i love <3 yr minecraft videos like minecraft oasis (i'm catching up!) and my mom enjoys yr quake n bake videos! Oh and i started to watch yr videos when i was searching random minecraft videos in the internet and i saw minecraft oasis ep 38: BABY GIRL and i thought it would be nice, so i watched yr videos from 1-30 (the last one in that time) and i loved it! Ur VEEEERY good in minecraft! I'd NEVER make a house like yrs not even in creative! So, my game center account is ❤Duda The Best Cupquaker❤ and my username in most of my things from minecraft is something cupquaker and my skin is yrs but its in black and white and only the lips are pink❤ SO THIS THING IS ALL ABOUT HOW I LOVE YR VIDEOS AND I SUBSCRIBE ALL OF YR YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND I FOLLOW U IN TWITTER I JUST MADE A TWITTER TO FOLLOW U I LOVE YR VIDEOS AND UR VERY LUCKY TO BE FAMOUS BY MAKING VIDEOS AND UR JUST AWESOME!

    ❤Bye!! 🙂 hope u read!❤

  18. Hey I dont think u r actually ever gonna read this comment but if u do can u please post a video on how to install minecraft oasis because iit is just super awesome and I cant seem to down load it from technic platform and im really sorryy cause this is super long and not the topic but pleeeeeaaaassse can u post a video on the above mentioned topic

  19. I know me too

  20. Puppylover2013 : August 22, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    next time make a minecraft zombie head cake plz thx

  21. Nice. If u ever read this can u do Mario cookies Plz

  22. AWESOME!! I wanna try making some but I don’t know where to get the stuff from such as the fondant. :'(

    • Arianne, instead of buying fondant you can make your own using a marshmellow fondant, and just add red food coloring :3 I’ll be trying to make it on thursday so i’ll be back to tell you how it went if you care.. But i heard marshmellow fondant was easy to make and yummy :3

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