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  • Mario Odyssey Ornaments

    This is an ad for Nintendo. #paid Hey everyone! For this edition of DIY GG, we’ll be making these awesome Super Mario Odyssey Ornaments! I’ve added a template to help you with your creation below. Here are some photos but check out the video below for a full tutorial! Thanks for watching 🙂 Mario Odyssey […]

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  • Beatrix Slime Rancher Cosplay

    We all know by now how much I love Slime Rancher! The game is so cute that I already made DIY slime plushies. And now, because I think Beatrix is so adorable, I thought it would be awesome to dress up as her! So I wanted to sneak one more cosplay costume in before Halloween. [...] Continue Reading
  • More DIY Costumes for You and Your Pet

    Here are even MORE costumes for you and your pet! MamaQuake and I had so much fun making the previous video, which you can watch HERE, that we decided to whip up a few more costume ideas for Ruby and I. These DIY costumes are designed to be fairly easy. They need a little bit [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY Alice Angel Cosplay

    Do you know what it's like? Living in the dark puddles? If you've played Bending and the Ink Machine, I think it's fair to say that we all wanted Alice Angel to be nice. Alas, the game is full of surprises. Alice is an angel who also rocks a pair of devil horns. Seemingly reminiscent [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY Bowser & Peach Costume

    Ruby's bark is worse than her bite, which makes her the perfect little Bowser. And of course I'm Princess Peach, because Ruby captured me in a castle of her love—I know, it's cheesy. Haha! This is another cute costume idea for you and your pet. These costumes took a little bit of work but were [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY Slime Rancher Plushies

    You should know by now how much I LOVE Slime Rancher. Because I LOVE Slime Rancher. And as I've been playing it I got to thinking how cool it would be to be able to ranch my own little slimes. Just imagine how cute they would be! Obviously I can't mold an adorable amorphous slime [...] Continue Reading
  • Sally Face Cosplay

    It's time for another DIY costume! This one is a little creepier. It's Sally Face! If you've played the game, you know that Sally is actually a boy named Sal. "Sally Face" was a term used as a way to bully him, but he turned the insult into a nickname and began wearing his hair [...] Continue Reading
  • DIY Costumes for You and Your Pet

    Finding a costume for yourself can be tricky. Finding one for you and your pet can be even trickier! So I came up with a few ideas that will assure you and your pet win this year's costume contest! Mamaquake and I crafted these costumes from scratch and they came out so good. Ruby looked [...] Continue Reading
  • Sombra Day of the Dead Cosplay

    We all know I love DIY projects, I love cosplay, and I love video games! All of these things combined make for a perfect Halloween costume. I started off this October with Sombra's casual cosplay, which you can watch here. Now I'm tackling her Day of the Dead skin with glow-in-the-dark face paint! If you [...] Continue Reading
  • Sombra Cosplay!

    Did you catch my casual Sombra Cosplay? With Halloween just around the corner, it's obviously time for some cosplays! I kicked off the season a few days ago with Sombra from Overwatch! I'm excited to bring Sombra to life because she has a side shave, she's Mexican, and she has purple hair! Does that sound [...] Continue Reading
  • Recreating Qinni’s Art on My Face

    Hey, guys! I'm starting a small cosplay series on the TiffyQuake channel dedicated to some artists I really like. I'm kicking it off with a celebration of an artist named Qing (or Qinni). You can follow her on Instagram: @QinniArt. I have been a fan of her work for a while now; I love her [...] Continue Reading
  • Dream Puff, Starry Eyes, & Taurus Prints

    I have been really enjoying getting back into drawing and painting. Which is great because you guys seem to love it too! I've been doing a lot of work with watercolor and gouache, and I've been very happy with the results. I recently painted two pieces that came out great; Dream Puff & Starry Eyes [...] Continue Reading