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  • Snipperclips: Party of 4

    "I can't believe we're doing this..." Snipperclips needs to add 100 more levels. In the meantime... who needs four players when you've got 2? We love playing this game so we thought we'd make it even more challenging by playing the four player challenges with just the two of us. So we grabbed two extra [...] Continue Reading
  • Building a Closet for Ruby

    I never thought I'd say this.. but I'm building my dog a closet. Over the years Ruby's collection of clothes has grown and grown. And now we have become those people... our latest DIY project is building a closet for our dog's wardrobe. It also doubles as storage for her necessities; her treats and her [...] Continue Reading
  • We’re Getting Old

    This time, we decided to play Gang Beasts as Rick and Morty in a different game mode — Waves. We used to play this game all the time. It was nice to jump back into it and play different characters. Half the fun is honestly the ridiculous stuff that comes out of our mouths when [...] Continue Reading
  • Surprising Fans with Gifts

    I saw these cards in the post office and I just had to buy them! Thought it'd be great to start off the year by giving back to some of my fans. I had so much fun doing this... I'll just let the video speak for itself. You guys are the best! Thank you so [...] Continue Reading
  • I Have a Confession

    It's a new year. Time to be open and honest. Time to bring more of my personality back to the iHasCupquake channel. The weekend before we rang in the New Year I had a realization while dancing at a concert... I love dancing, and music, and partying! I have always been a party animal... you [...] Continue Reading
  • #tbt: NYE Pajama Party

    We are just a few days into the new year, but let's take a minute to look back at New Year's Eve 2016! I decided to throw a DIY pajama party to ring in 2017 and it was amazing! We had cute disco ball cups, disco ball headpieces, and an actual disco ball. We made [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy New Year!

    So here it is, 2018! The future. Does everyone have their resolutions locked and ready to go? Are they attainable? Reasonable? Doable? Is this it?? Is THIS going to be the year?! [insert very deep breath] I think we start off every year with the intention of making ourselves better people, at pursuing the things [...] Continue Reading
  • #fbf: Farting & Shopping

    I know Christmas is over but let's keep the spirit going with a little flashback. Here's a look back at Christmas Shopping Simulator! Who wouldn't want to play this game?! Only question is, is it more or less stressful than actual Christmas Shopping? Everyone in this mall seems to be jolly; they're all dancing! So [...] Continue Reading
  • #tbt: Shaving Santa

    We're gonna put a bow on that. Two years ago I found some Christmas app games and took them for a test run... on Christmas. Here's a throwback to Christmas 2015! I made some candy, groomed Santa, and tapped on a gingerbread cookie... a lot. There was a lot tapping. Check out the candy making [...] Continue Reading
  • Cosmic Teamwork!

    Mario and I love playing Snipperclips and we haven't killed each other yet, so we played some more. Always pushing the boundaries. And just when we thought we were Snipperclips pros... [wait three minutes] the new DLC proves to be challenging, as expected. But in the end — with cosmic teamwork and a brilliant bank [...] Continue Reading
  • Sephora Holiday Haul!

    Yes I did. I went to Sephora and stocked up on some make-up! I promise this video was not sponsored. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be difficult, so I thought I'd help you out by doing a haul on the TiffyQuake channel and giving you some ideas. So click play on this video and follow [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Office Christmas Tree

    This has become our own little tradition! Every year we pull the whole crew together and spend some time decorating the office Christmas Tree. We pulled out the decorations this week, gathered the team for one of our favorite holiday moments, and powered up the livestream to capture all the action. We had a lot [...] Continue Reading