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  • iHC Hello Kitty x PACMAN Giveaway!

    HelloKitty x PACMAN Giveaway!

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  • I Had a Great Time at Coachella

    Going to Coachella was such a last minute decision this year, but I'm really happy we went! We had an amazing time with good friends. My voice is a little hoarse from all the screaming and singing along! Haha. This was hands down my favorite year at Coachella. It was great to see Porter Robinson [...] Continue Reading
  • Kickin’ It With Kaleidow

    Hi, friends! This week I’m not only featuring, but interviewing a spunky, sparkly, gaming gal known to the YouTubes as Kaleidow! I’ve urged you all to check her out before, but this time, I’m bringing you a much more in depth presentation of her background in gaming, her wonderfully wacky hair colors AND of course, […]

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  • Catching Up With Cybernova

    Today I am beyond delighted to feature one of my best pals, Cybernova! She has one of the coolest, funniest, and most unique personalities out of ANYONE I’ve ever met, and today you all get to learn some new stuff about her, just like me! We’ve had some really wonderful times together collaborating, playing games, […]

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  • Meet the Legendary Mr. Miyamoto

    Last week at E3, I had the opportunity to interview a TOTAL legend in the video game industry. If you know about Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda (of course you do!) then you must know about Mr. Miyamoto. Nintendo would NOT be the same without him, because he helped produce and create those characters and games! I […]

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  • Warcraft Premiere!

    As many of you know, Red and I attended the spectacular Warcraft premiere last week!!! We’ve been fans of the Warcraft world for a very, VERY long time, so having the opportunity to see it brought to life was incredible and left us in absolute awe over the course of the next few days… The […]

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  • All About NerdECrafter

    Today I’m sharing a conversation I recently had with one of the most creative people I know. Many of you might already know her, and for those of you who don’t, I’m happy to present to you my pal Jackie — also known as the brilliant mind behind the NerdECrafter channel on YouTube! This girl […]

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  • A Q&A with StacyPlays!

    I recently had the opportunity to interview one of my good gamer girlfriends — the one, the only: Stacy of StacyPlays!!! This girl is the coolest. The very first time we collaborated, we got along so well and it was an instantaneous friendship! We even had a mini-series together called “Diversity” where we played a […]

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  • Cupquake & Red’s Current Favorites!

    With the first week in March underway, Red and I wanted to share our most recent geeky obsessions with you! Read on to find out what we’ve been loving so far in 2016. (Warning: an overload of super cool phone cases, pizza and pixellated hearts MIGHT be involved!) 😉 TIFF’S PICKS: Katy Perry Shark Phone […]

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  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

    My favorite part of the holiday season so far has got to be the comeback of dorky Christmas sweaters (were they ever really in?!) – I see them popping up EVERYWHERE lately, and tons of brands are having fun with the different themes and designs placed on them. Red and I compiled a bunch of […]

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