EDC 2014 Fan Meetup!

EDC 2014 Fan Meetup!

Hey everyone! I will be at EDC Las Vegas this weekend and I’ll be having a fan meetup! Keep an eye out on Twitter where I’ll be posting the where and when shortly! See you soon 🙂

P.S. Here are some videos of Red, Mr. Sark and I on the road to EDC LV!!


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  1. one of the kids at the 2014 comic con is in my class! His name is Sean.

  2. Hi Cupquake I looove your vids hey if you have a meetup in kokomo Indiana cuz me and my bff are REALLY big fans of your videos for like 3 years If you do have a meetup in Indiana I would litterally cry my life goal is to meet you not even kidding Luvs ya -Cora

  3. Dear Ihascupquake if you are reading this then your the best now since you are an American YouTuber every Sunday I go to watch you savado videos because I am Australian and I am a day ahead of you but ur still the best ever

    • Hi I has cupquake I’ve been watching your channel since I was 5 and now I am 8 years old I’m crying right now because I’m talking to you I’m your biggest fan ever your my second favorite person in the whole entire world besides my mom anyway go to New Jersey please please please and have a meetup there thank you

  4. you should go to a small town called Galt ,ca

  5. Hey cupquake i live in Miami Florida and theres a comicon coming januay of 2015 do you think you and red can come?

  6. pleas come to creekside pleas

  7. that was so cool sadly my parents would not let me meat you cus im yung

  8. Hope u have fun cupquake, I’ll be on vacation so I cant come-I wouldn’t be able to anyway cause I don’t live near Las Vegas, I live in New Jersey

  9. OMG! I live in las vegas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. plese follow me on instagram @zoe_elise720 is my name

  11. What

  12. Can you go somewhere around New Jersey because my parents wont let me go anywhere unless it’s close by

  13. Cup quake

    I wasn’t there for the signing but I wish I was but u did make a lot of kids happy for diy can u please make a Hawaii skirt and necklace if u do it will make my day

  14. Wat is your address so I can send a letter to u. PLEASE ihasqupcake (:

  15. dear mrs.cupquake
    will you please do a fan meet in oxford uk because i love your videos and i realy want to meet you it would make me so happy i would scream
    p.s do you like loom bands

  16. Will Cupquake attend Comic Con 2014 in NYC?

  17. You r so Awsome you r my favorite youtuber too!!!

  18. Hi Cupquake! I’m Michaela and I am a HUGE fan of yours. I really wish I could go to a fan meetup or EDC or Minecon but my parents would never let me. I live near Philly and you probably won’t come here because there isn’t anything to do :(. I just want to let you know how much of a fan I am of you, how much I love Red and you, and if only I could meet you!


  19. I live in Indiana and i want to meet u soooooo bad. U make me happy when im sad. Red and u are so funny. U are really pretty. I would do anything to meet you guys. Have fun in EDC Mexico.

    Your fan
    P.S. i have a drawing of you as my wallpaper on my phone

  20. I really wish I could come! May you have a fan meetup somewhere in San Diego? I really want to meet my favorite youtuber!

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