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Hey Everyone! Last year I played through a little game called Fran Bow.  I was captivated by the creepy artwork and compelling story and so were all of our viewers! I wanted to create a easy DIY that you all could remake and though what better way to remember the game than the adorable Mr. Midnight! Mr Midnight is Fran’s little black kitten that helps guide her through the game. Lets get started!


For this project your going to need  Scissors, black Felt, Yellow and black Embroidery thread, template, tracing pen, black wire, buttons, yellow paint and brush and batting.


Next your going to place your template on the black felt and trace. You will need 2 pieces of felt so fold in half and pin down and cut out.


You will be sewing the eyes on next. If you cant find yellow buttons you can use white buttons and paint them yellow. If you need to paint the buttons paint them first to give them time to dry.


Next take the pins out and on one side of your cutout sew on your buttons with the yellow embroidery thread.


Re-pin the two felt pieces together  so it doesn’t move. Starting on the bottom corner start your blanket stitch all the way around to the other side. Make sure you leave the bottom open so we can stuff it with the batting.


Here I am using yellow embroidery thread just to show you how the stitch will look.


Once you are finished stitching all the way around your cat should look something like this with the bottom still open.


Next we need to stuff the plushie with the batting.  Use a pointed object to push some of the stuffing in the ear area. Try not to over stuff  plushie and stitch the bottom closed.


Cut 2 pieces of wire for the whiskers.  Position the whiskers where you want them through one end and out the other. Bend the end of the wires so they don’t poke. Thats it! you are now done with this adorable Mr. Midnight plushie!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to # your creations with the #CreateCQ so I can see everything you do!

Thanks for visiting!

<3 Cupquake

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  • Alexandra

    hi love your videos i have two YouTube channels one is Harpo petersen and another is Alexandra Petersen i would love if you can sup and leave an commit down bilow if you liked it LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Isabella

    Hi Cupquake! I love you so much and you were the first YouTuber I ever saw, and a huge inspiration to me. I am subscribed to all three of your channels. I love when you play games like Who’s Your Daddy, Slime Rancher, Fire watch, and Kitty Powers Matchmaker. I love when you do diys like this that look complex but are simple enough for anyone to do, and I love your universal Yum Box series, I also loved the doormat DIYs. I love when you unbox things like unicornos, donutellas, Funko’s, and Nightriders.Thanks to you im working on getting enough confidence to start my own channel: MyLoves02_ I already posted a video, its pretty bad. You also helped me find another one of my favorite YouTubers LDShadowlady.
    xoxo Isabella :3


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