So here it is, 2018! The future.

Does everyone have their resolutions locked and ready to go? Are they attainable? Reasonable? Doable? Is this it?? Is THIS going to be the year?! [insert very deep breath]

I think we start off every year with the intention of making ourselves better people, at pursuing the things we want, and achieving the goals we know we deserve. But sometimes, okay most times, we set the bar way too high. Let’s try not to be so hard on ourselves. Even when we don’t meet our resolutions, we have still survived another year, and surely we have learned something in the past twelve months.

Every year is a chance to say no to our fears and yes to accomplishing that goal, that dream, that whisper in the back of your mind that reminds you regularly what you want to do with this life. Not only does every year offer you that chance, but every day does too. Take the year and your achievements one day at a time. Start with the small things. Work smarter, not harder… okay, you can work harder too, but you get the point.

2018 has the potential to be a very good year. And a good year starts with people making the decision to be better people. Maybe it just starts with choosing to be kind. To everyone. Let’s start there. Let’s work on being nicer to people, including ourselves. We could all use a little more kindness.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

❤ Tiff, Mario, & the iHasCupquake Team

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