How to make a Portal Turret – DIY GG

Hey Everyone! For this DIY GG, we’re going to be making Portal Turrets! Let’s get started

You’re going to need:

A wooden egg (you can get one at Michael’s)

Black copper wire and a silver thinner wire

Red and Black acrylic paint with two brushes

Or black/red Sharpies

White/Black Polymer Clay

A ruler

Glue (I’m using tacky glue)

Wire cutters and pliers

First, we will start by cutting a piece of the black wire into 8 inches. Flatten it with your finger so that it’s straight.

Grab a paintbrush or a pen and bend the middle of the wire so it has a round curve

Take something large and round (I’m using my acrylic paint container) and bend/make another curve so the egg can sit comfortably in

Next, you will want to bend 1 1/2 of the end of the wire. You can do it with your finger or be more precise with a paintbrush. This will serve as the turret’s front legs

Now take another piece of wire about 8 or 9 inches in length and wrap it around the bottom of the egg. Make sure the egg cannot slide through

It should look something like this

Take the long part of the wire and intertwine/loop it into itself. Keep the circle shape and let the long part of the wire face down. This will serve as the back leg of the turret

Get your thinner wire and connect the two pieces. You’ll want to wrap your thin wire around the two areas where the circle connects to the legs.

Now bend the long part of the circle wire piece up and down again because the back leg is higher than the front

Now place the egg in the circle and and see if it fits, check out the legs and bend/fix anything that needs fixing.

Now let’s work with our clay! Cut out a oval shape and make a line through the center and make another line that connects to this center line. Then wrap it around the top of the egg

Roll out some black polymer clay (5 inches) and flatten it with a pencil and cut it into 3 equal pieces

Wrap the front two legs all the way up to the bend. The back leg is fully wrapped

Place on some parchment paper and bake

Get your wooden egg and with your red marker, make a circle red for the eye and  a small black dot inside. Then make a straight line across the center of the egg, careful not to go through the eye.

Make a black outline around the eye and make some details in the eye with your red marker

Once the clay is baked (make sure it’s cool), glue your white pieces on the legs and you now have a Portal Turret!

This came out awesome! I hope you try it! If you do tweet me an image at @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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