Lumpy Space Princess Marshmallows!

Lumpy Space Princess Marshmallows!

Lumpy-space-princcess-3These treats are so Lumpin cute! As most of you may know I am a HUGE Adventure Time fan. Lumpy Space Princess has got to be one of my (and my husbands) favorite characters in the show. I decided to create a batch of treats in her honor. Heres a quick tutorial on how I made these sweet lumpin marshmallow treats!
Supplies Needed:
♥ Marshmallows – Both large and small
♥ Candy Melts – Both purple and white
♥ Cake pop sticks
♥ Yellow Star Sprinkles
♥ Food paint brush
♥ black oil based food coloring
♥ small white sprinkles (optional)

Step 1: Melt the candy melts to a liquid consistency. I have added paramount crystals to help achieve the consistency I am looking for.
Step 2: Dip your cake pop sticks into the chocolate and stick them into the large marshmallows. This will act as the glue to keep the stick inside the marshmallow. Let the dry completely


Step 3: Now attach the smaller marshmallows to the larger one. Again, use the chocolate as glue. You can cut the smaller marshmallows in half so Lumpy’s lumps wont be too big. Let it dry completely.


Step 4: Dip the whole marshmallow structure into the chocolate. Let it dry a bit but not completely!

Step 5: Before the chocolate completely dries, add the yellow star sprinkles onto the top portion of the marshmallow.

Step 6: With a clean brush and black oil based food coloring, draw on the face of lumpy space princess. If you want to get really creative here you can grab some small white sprinkles and use them as teeth or whites of the eyes! OH MY GLOB! DONE!

As always if you prefer a video tutorial enjoy the one below!

Did you create anything lumpin cute?! Submit a link to your project below and you may be featured on the website!! L&L – Cupquake


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  1. I’ve done them but there not igsactle like yours becouse I couldn’t find any purple buttons & I’ve got a bit of a pinky colour and also no stars so I’ve got chocolate swirls ill send a pic to you in a few hours and can you make some princess cockies

  2. i love mangle : January 9, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    that me looks lumping tasy but if i ate it i would kill me self!!!! ahhhhhhhh

  3. hi Cupquake, i really love your episodes especially with red because there funny. i love the episodes when you did gang beasts. i think you should do more of those. i’m thinking of buying a sweater and/or a USB for Christmas or for a Christmas present. i’m your real real real real real (and many more reals) #1 fan, i watch you all the time on youtube and always watch the Gang Beasts cause those were my favorite, but i really love your channel and the website. i hope you accept me on g-mail so that way i can have you in my circle. but i really really really love you and your channel. Thanks 😀

  4. Hi cupquake! Your channel inspires me so much! Keep at it! I’m looking for a new username something catchy and a long the lines of yours could you please help?

  5. I love u

  6. Can u make jake the dog

  7. My lovely lady lumps

  8. can you make something christmasy cupquake

  9. Cool

  10. Awesome I LOVE YOU

  11. Kahleia swasbrook : June 4, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Omg please reply to this cupquake

  12. loves it

  13. Loves it Love me (Pip)

  14. Can you make something for Mother’s Day?

  15. I like adventure time

  16. Adventure time is great my brothers fave episode is the card wars one. I prefer the one with little marcy and Simon (ice king) it is cool. My fave character is LSP She is lumpin awesome. oh my glob. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Bye red see ya cupquake.

  17. these are so lumping cute!!!

  18. Katie stradlin : February 20, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Hello cupquake! I made a giant image of your minecraft skin out of cupcakes and I put them all together and they look AWSOME!

  19. LaNiyah Graham : February 20, 2014 at 9:59 am

    I am your biggest fan cupquake

  20. Hi cupquake, i love the USB cupcake, when you showed it i flipped out saying i want one soooo bad. I love your oasis series and i love the zoo already. By the way if you want to know my name it is Alivia (u liv e u). I put the pronunciation of my name if you did not know how to say it. No afence if that offended you. Oh and how you get the crabs are with the fishing net. Have a cupquake of a day how do you like it just came up with it. If you say it at the end of the next oasis video it would be awesome. 🙂 oh and one last thing the email that I put is an email that I will have I don’t have it yet.

  21. Cupquake's # 1 Fan : February 10, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Mmmm I love Adventure time

  22. the lumpy space princess cake pops look sooo good made 10 of them and I gave them out on my B-Day.

    P.S. my birthday was on January 12,2014

    & for QUAKE’N’BAKE can you make an 8-bit-heart cake. pretty please with a cherry on top!!!!!

  23. I tried but i might have failed because i didnt wait long enough

  24. They are so cute! :O geek out.

  25. My son absolutely loves you and your channel. As I can see, you and your husband make an excellent team. Keep on keepin on, P.L.U.R.S.

  26. HEY GIRL!!!!!!!!!So I just wanna say that those are SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!! and i cant wait for sims 3 island paridise ep 77 or 76 i hav NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!Well SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dear Cupquake,

    Loved the recipe. You should make a minecraft log cabin using mini flakes (choc bar) as logs
    and triangle wafers (the ones used for ice cream sammies) for roofing. You can make up rest.
    Thx Elise

  28. i luv ur vids and im under 13

  29. hiiii

  30. Hey Can You Start To Do Taste Test At The End Of The Vidoes

  31. So cute

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