Minecraft Diamond Sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword

Since I ordered a bunch of wooden cubes I thought it would be fun to make a life size minecraft Diamond sword! It is probably my favorite thing yet!
Watch this video to learn how its made!


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  1. Make an end crafting table or a coffee crafting table

  2. Dude did you know that they have foam diamond swords at stores and picks too

  3. i love your cats but i had to get 3 dogs instend i steal love dogs and cat do you play minecraft on xbox 360

  4. Tiffy ur life us a little girl is my life now im 12 and have a brother two years older then me!! (Laim) but i also have one yonger sister and a yonger brother and im still scared of stuffing up in front of him when he plays games and you and Laim are my role models!!

  5. I love it i am so making one and lol to the DIE KITTY!! Part

  6. I absolutely LOVE cupquake! she’s is SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!

  7. hi! i can’t believe that u have a websight!

  8. I love this can u make a creeper

  9. Hey Cupqauke!
    You should make an AnimalJam.com gameplay! It is a SUPER fun website!



  12. Hai cupquake i luv luv watching your vids but my brothers broke my laptop.I have this but it does not allow me to play mc but im thinkin of makin a channel called MelodyMinesMc or GirlWithABoard and yeah can you make a gg geekie goodie of the mc skin you want me to have
    1.message me on hotmail
    2.on hotmail i will tell you my postcode
    3.you can send it
    Love from Melody

  13. On minecraft gg u should get a HUGE literally huge wooden block and turn it into an magma cube or slime perhaps a enchanting table or crafting table

  14. I cannot find out how many of the little cubes you need you didnt say in the video

  15. Cupquake's # 1 Fan : February 10, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Hi Cupquake I love your videos I love your awesome personality your videos make me happy when I’m having a bad day. <3 🙂 stay awesome , your friend

  16. I love u tiff

  17. cupquake lover : December 29, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    I would be careful with dat sword and I LOVE YOU TIFF

  18. I watch you play oasis,make DIY geeky goodies,quake n bake and other minecraft stuff. Are you part of the sky aremy?

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