Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! – Quake n Bake

Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! - Quake n Bake

Hey Everyone! I got a ton of requests to make something Jack-O-Lantern, so in the spirit of Halloween season, I’m going to be making a Minecraft Jack-O-Lantern Cake! Here’s a quick summary:


For instructions on how to make, check out the how-to video below! If you decide to try this, tweet me an image or post it on our facebook page!

Thanks for watching!



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  1. Yea I know. I’m weird. But I’m prod of it. BTW everybody my YouTube channel is Karyn Wigant Luvs yall , Karyn Wigant

  2. Hi im your number 1 fan and I would like to challenge you to a HUNGER GAMES THROW DOWN WITH ME AND MY HOMIE…….. if I win I want to play 1 episode on cloud 9 and if u win nothing happens u can forget about me….. please do this I watch u everyday I love u and red…. BYE!!!!

  3. At first it looks wired.

  4. Hi Cupquake! You’re so awesome and I wish I can meet you! I live on the east coast, and this summer I am coming to California! I am a gamer also, and I rlly want to go to Minecon someday. 😀 I just want to know if I could maybe write letters to you? I don’t know you address and if you don’t want to tell me I respect that. But I <3 you SO MUCH!! And you are my role model. #QuakeFan :p

  5. Brenna hatcher : March 22, 2014 at 9:37 am

    I’m 10 years old and i was u for holloween last year!!

  6. Brenna hatcher : March 22, 2014 at 9:35 am


  7. Brenna hatcher : March 22, 2014 at 9:34 am


  8. OMG I love you cup quake ur really pretty and I love your minecraft and sims lets plays I was your 12 subscriber but I’m ur number 1 fans I wish I could meet you you inspire me lots

  9. Sindy Magana : March 14, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    I love u so much

  10. Mrs*quake I am your biggest fan and love all your videos me and my friends won’t to be gust like u

  11. I love your lumpy space princes and DIY also your mindcraft let’s play

  12. Wish you lived in woodruff 🙁

  13. Hey ther ihascupquake i love you and im a fan of you i wish you can come live next to us 🙁

  14. hi tiffy can you make vid on how to make panda cupcakes thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw I love pandas

  15. cupquake here is a server u can go on mc.hypixel.net

  16. hi ihascupquake i love your videos and i love you, you and red make the best videos and the best married couple best wishes juan pacheco

  17. Oh my GLOB! I love you!!! You really inspire me

  18. Hey, for any of your series you could invite friend. Thanks Cupquake for your videos
    Without them I would have the inspiration to start my channel thanks!

  19. Hello what is her latest quake n bake vid

  20. cupquake I am your biggest fan!!!!!!
    I wish Icould meet you
    But I cant I live in UAE I wish you were my BFF
    I love yor vids
    I Love your vids
    I wish I live in Calrfournia
    again love your vids #cupqake fan
    Thanks for your time.

  21. lolarutheppright : December 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    you are awesome! do you live in witchita Kansas because I want to meet you! what is your phone number?

    by the way I am 8 my name is Lola and I’m in 3 grade.

  22. on you tube i subscribed on your channel and I am trying to help you get to 9,000 subscribers. Thank you for all the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also please do something Disney channel!( on channel 32 if you have cable if not i don’t know. ) I love you cupquake! Say hi to red for me please and tell him he did a bad job at doing your make-up in that one video. please make a giant lap top in minecraft. That is almost all I want to say too you this is barely anything! I just want to give you everything I can because i love watching you play computer games, seeing you hoop dance, and everything else like haunt the house. I killed 5 people in that game. I really think you are great! I am so glad I found this website! Also I am probably a faster typer that you because I am timing myself and i typed this hole thing in 1:00. I am so fast! Karyn Wigant

  23. It’s like real life minecraft jack o lantern!

  24. Hi cup quake my name is Elise and I love your videos!!!! U r so awesome!!!!!!! I would subscribe to u, but my parents won’t let me get a YouTube channel, so that’s quite unfortunate. I love u cupquake/Tiffany!!!!!

  25. FrostedFlaker : October 25, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Cupquake! I am a big fan who loves your vids if u could tell me or email me how to send you a custom map or give me your email I would appreciate it I just found the new update and want to make u a custom map!!! Thank you lots o love FrostedFlaker aka Rose

  26. Awesome!!!!

  27. Thanx for making more minecraft cookis pls make more of u can

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