Narwhal Cake Pops – Quake N Bake

Hey Everyone! For this episode of QnB, I really wanted to make something Narwhal related because I they’re so cute! We’re going to be making them almost the same way we approach cake pops. So let’s get started!

Before our first step, make sure to have some crumbled cake ready

Let’s add and mix in some brown frosting. Mix well!

Mix some more 🙂

Now we’re going to start on the Narwhal’s body. I have found that the best way to do this is make a ball and then add some to the tip – basically, we’re making a teardrop for his body. Chill in the fridge after shaping the bodies

As some of you may know, Narwhal’s have a “unicorn horn” but it’s really an overgrown tooth! We’re going to making two kinds of horns: one made out of sugar cones (just the end piece) and a piece of a cake pop stick

I’m using white candy melts for the Narwhal’s body color so let’s start melting them

Mmmm, creamy!!

Let’s start on the Narwhal’s tail. Get some candy melts and cut out the center portion. The two left over pieces form his tail

For the cake pops using the cake stick, begin by dipping the stick in the melt chocolate and insert into the head area

Do this for all of them (or the amount you choose to do this method)

Now dip the whole body using the cake stick. Once it dries for over a minute and hardens slightly, put the tail on

They should look something like this

For the Narwhal’s using the sugar cone horn or tooth, remove the cake stick and pour some melted pink candy melt using a spoon.

After the pink chocolate hardens (1 minute), add your cone

To be playful, add some sprinkles!

Finally, add the face using black icing with a no.2 tip

These came out adorable! If you try this, tweet me an image or post a picture on our facebook page!

Thanks for watching 🙂

18 replies on “Narwhal Cake Pops – Quake N Bake

  • Tbug56

    These are totally adorable!!!!
    Btw cupquake, you are practically my idol.
    I love art and minecraft. I watch your vids all the time. It’d be totally cool if you could reply back. Thanx!
    You biggest fan,

  • Casey

    Hi cupquake I am a huge fan!!!!! I love your videos soooo much and I didint know that you have a website so I went on and I was super excited. And I saw lots of awesome things and I saw I video with slyfox and it was super funny slyfox is soo funnyXD and I watch your video all day now so I hope you read this and that’s all I have to say so Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Gartner

    Hi cupquake! I liked the narwhals. I am on the robotics team at my school, and we are called the Royal Narwhals. so I just thought it was cool. Our team is in top 3 for our invention. I’m definately making some of those!

  • Me Myself And I

    Hi Quake! This probably won’t get read because there will be about 5 billion other people trying to get you to read fanmail and suggestions! But i’m posting this anyway!
    The narwhals…they are ADORABUBBLE! I love the one with sprinkles and the ice cream cone horn!
    please make a cat bus cake (from Totoro!)
    You said in your pencil case competition video that you want to give back to us, but frankly i think its us who should be giving back all the joy and smiles you brought us! BE HAPPY COS WE ALL ARE!!!!!
    And lastly:
    I love your hair…. My hair is like a everlasting problem i need to solve….:)
    Bye! and thank you if you ever actually read this !!! 🙂


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