NEW backpacks are here!!

NEW backpacks are here!!

As promised, it’s time to go… BACKPACK TO SCHOOL! Our brand new backpacks are HERE! In the store! Right now!

Red and I know the feeling of heading back to school for a new, exciting year! And now you can bring all the magic of Sweet Friends with you! These two new backpack designs are fresh out of the oven and ready to wear!


This time around we paid a little more attention to detail and added a little more love to the final product. We think you’ll agree, these backpacks are designed with love! Covered with our adorable Sweet Friends, this polyester backpack is also one of our sweetest pieces of merch to date.

whitered-lower-detailQuality checked, all seams are double stitched and reinforced with binding to withstand those heavy books. The front pouch contains 3 pencil pouches along with a larger pouch for a phone or calculator. Inside the main backpack you will find ample space and a separate pouch for tablets or laptops. With a lightly padded back and straps, this backpack was designed with comfort in mind.

Both the Red/White & Mint/Purple designs are now available! Get yours while supplies last! Keep up with all your work, study hard, and get your school year off to a great start!

Purchase here: White/Red Backpack & Purple/Mint backpack




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  1. Do you think Cupquake’s making a vid right now?

  2. Hi ihascupquake you make happy every day because I have stress and I get angry so I go to your video first and you help me clan down thank you and I dye my hair because you have dye hair I love you very much and I hope we can meet one day

  3. Hello! Ihascupquake i’ve been wanting to always see you guys somewhere if you guys ever want to come make a video with me go to and make a act i’m bonbon4532 my animal is wolf, and imma girl. Thanks!!

  4. You are such an amazing artist

  5. hi im gonna buy a backpack

  6. Hi cupquake I think I’ll try to get a backpack love you guys ihasecupquake and red??

  7. I hope can get one of your sweet friends backpacks in October and I love you guys I always watch your channel ihascupquake and red. ❤

  8. ihas cupquake i have been really happy ever since i have been seeing ur vids so thank you for that i dont care about the backpack i just care about you thank you again
    love ur
    number 1 fan Cecilia

    • Cecilia, thank you for the kind words 🙂

      • Hi ihascupquake i love your vids, your such an inspiration to me, even tough i come from the netherlands i can understand u and your one of my favourit youtubers, i hope i can buy the senpai posters i loved that vid and i love yandere sim too, NOTICE ME XD, keep up the good work much love, Tessa

  9. Hello! I’m not sure if you remember me but last year I sent you a letter about my daughters Hannah and Grace. They really wanted to meet you. They are your biggest fans. This past year has been really hard for them. We lost our home and are currently living at my mom’s house. 6 of us sharing 2 rooms.the girls had to leave their friends and start over. You got them through some tough times. I wish I could afford your pack backs for them. They would just die!!! I’m unable to work due to many surgeries in the last few years. I just wanted you to know how much my girls love you. Thank you for being awesome.
    A thankful mom, Emily

  10. ihascupquake your AWESOME i watched you since 6

  11. I hope I can win lol?

  12. Please let me win this one time?!?! I try to get your merchandise, but I don’t have much. Please oh please!

  13. Hey tiff I know I’m late but I just wanna say that I’ve been watching your vids for three years and I just wanna say I love you soooo much

  14. toytasticgamer girlYT : August 30, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    How do i enter?

    • Oh you press the back to school giveaway sign then you answer some questions you can answer all of them or some of them and your done you are entered and p.s my daughter and I love you Cupcuake and red/Mario❤️ And umm I just wanted to say that this isn’t Emily this is her mom and she is at the doctor and I’m with her and please please I’m begging you can you plz give her a backpack she’s been wanting one so actually we didn’t enter your last year backpack cause we didn’t know how but this year we did and i wanna make her happy cause she is in a lot of pain right now and I really want to get her your backpack and I would buy it online but like my daughter said I don’t have slot of money and I really wanna surprise I would really appreciate it if she won so please please can she win a backpack cause also like she said I can’t get her the backpack she wantes cause I still have to work to gain all the Money I have spended and I love her so much and I wanna make her happy so please can she win a backpack and THANK YOU SO MUCH IF SHE WINS me and my daughter LOVE YOU GUYS❤️???

  15. Love you guys I hope i win I don’t think I will cause I know there are a lot of people that actually need this backpack and I care about others and not just about me but I love you redb15 and CUPQUAKE?❤️?

  16. We love you all

  17. I love you giveaways. Thank you so much for not only making the videos but for being you. When ever I’m down I always watch your videos and the they always make me smile. ☺️☺️ <3.

  18. Hey Cupquake I was just wondering if you could make any darker colors before school starts because I’m one who gets everything and when i say everything i mean everything lol dirty but if not i would consider getting one of these bookbags

  19. How much is it?

  20. HI I love your videos. They make me smile when you and Red play husband vs. Wife

  21. Love the backpacks

  22. everything you make is so cute and creative tiffy luv chu <3

  23. Hi I love your Vids it’s amazing to see what you have in store every week thank you

  24. I love all your videos and in my spare time I am either reading or watching your videos.

  25. Hi love your viedos this is my frist time that i am going to a new school i am sad that not all my friends are go to the same school so i wish one or two of my friends will go to the same school that i will go wish me luck

  26. They are so CUTE!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!

  27. I love you Ihascupquake and redb15! Whenever i’m sad i watch your inspiring cheerfull bubbly videos! And that always make me forget my sadness and be happy again! Thankyou ~

    And the bag is so adorable, cute, and fantasy like! I love the design! You guys are the best! <3

  28. Hi Cupquake! I normally don’t write anything on youtube and any websites because I’m too shy… But because you are such a fabulous youtuber and has a super website I just had to say something… Thank you for always being there and making me laugh and smile thanks for all you have done to lighten up my day… By the way you are my favourite youtuber!!!!!

  29. Chloe watkins : August 27, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    U guys r awesome

  30. 😀 I remember watching you when you first posted the minecraft series (the first one) and you were such a noob xD now i’m 14 and I came back to visit your channel and its awesome to see how far you have come!

  31. I love your hair.

  32. How do I join the giveaway

  33. Your backpack is so amazing!

  34. Emily may ticknee : August 27, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Thank you guys,u guys inspired me to follow my dream. You guys are so funny creative and good at utube videos,i hope your life gose very well hope u guys have a awesome years in your life and love u guys. I am all so following u guys on instagram it_.ayee_its_emily._ and i hope i win them because they are so cute and i will all ways where them all the time. Bye guys lobe u

  35. I hate this overpriced bullshit i would rather like a school bag with red fucking your fat slutty pussyhole now go record a porn thx XOXOX ?

  36. Omg tiff I love this idea and I’m so exited to see who wins 😀

  37. I am a person who wants backpack

  38. Um hey tiffy I’ve need watching your videos for about 3 YEARS I love your channel and hope to see loads more videos
    Bye :3

  39. Preston Martinez : August 27, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    I really love these designs and I have sister who is going to start her 5 th grade year and she would love these soooo much

  40. Omg, tiffy. I just wanted to say hi. And say that you’re life goals. I love you and keep being awesome!

  41. I love you so much and I love are backpacks

  42. I absolutely love the backpacks that you made they are adorable

  43. Love your new giveaway peace love love Tiff

  44. Thank you to all that you two do for us. Without you I dont think I would be here in this world. For real. I am always getting hurt by someone and I got to the point where I started thinking about not living here anymore on this Earth but then I found you guys and you made life easier so Thank you!! XOXO

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