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Hey everyone! Since Valentines Day is right around the corner I wanted to create a DIY for you all! My mom and I decided to make a Super Mario Plush Bouquet.  We thought it is a super cute and unique idea, and anyone who receives it will appreciate how much love and care went into making something like this.

To create this project you will need:

Embroidery Thread, Needles, Felt, Scissors, Skewers, Tissue, Ribbon and Batting. You will also need the templates.

You will need to trace on the red felt the head of the Mushroom and cut it out. I cut 2 circles freehand out of the white felt. One circle is used to put on the top of the head. The other circle you will place to the side of the mushroom head and trim to your liking. You will also need to cut out the face of the mushroom from the beige felt. Using a blanket stitch, stitch on the white circles. Place the beige felt on top of the red for the face and blanket stitch on. Once the face is stitched on I turned it over and trimmed the excess red for the face, so when I stitch the eyes it wont be so thick. Next I drew the eyes with a water erasable marker pen and satin stitch the eyes. Now your mushroom is ALMOST done. Repeat this step for other color mushrooms.

This is what all 5 of the mushrooms should look like when your done stitching.

Next you you will need to cut out the backing from the red and green felt of the mushroom head. You can make them double sided but we decided not to since it will double the project time.

Starting on one end of the green or red felt blanket stitch around the head with the coordinating color thread to the other side leaving the bottom of the face open for batting.

Take your batting and stuff your mushroom, making sure not to stuff too much. Then blanket stitch with the beige thread the bottom of  the face closed.

Your little Mushroom should look like this. Next you will trace the star on yellow felt, satin stitch the eyes black. Then you will blanket stitch all around the star with yellow thread leaving an opening to stuff, once stuffed sew closed.

Grab a skewer stick and poke it up in between the stitch very carefully till it is most of the way in.

Arrange you plushies how you would want them to look in your bouquet.

With a piece of ribbon tie the sticks together making sure not to tie too tight.

Place the bouquet carefully on the tissue paper.

Wrap you bouquet and tie again with ribbon.

For added color I added another color of tissue paper and tied it again. I would recommend using cellophane to give it a more “fresh” flower feel.  

And there you have an adorable plushie bouquet! 

Place in a Vase and give them to someone special!! If you have multiple Valentines, you can give them a plushie on a stick and decorate the stick with ribbon!

These Plushie came out so adorable and were really fun to make.  I hope you all have a great Valentines Day! Make sure to send us your creations using the hashtag #CreateCQ for a chance to be featured on the site!

Much love,

Tiffy & Mamaquake

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