The Brand New Confections Collection

The Brand New Confections Collection

We have been sweating away in our idea kitchen baking-up some delicious treats to whet your appetite. The result is our light-hearted and adorable Confections Collection, whipped up by your favorite husband and wife team — who both have a insatiable passion for gaming and design.

We took inspiration from the sweeter things in life including bubble gum, sprinkles, light and fluffy cream — you know, candy and desserts — and of course our nerdy love of gaming culture. We stirred all of these ideas into an inspiration pan and baked them in our thought oven at 98.6 °F until they were bright and bubbly and ready to (be) cool.

The Confections Collection currently includes a T-shirt, a tote bag, and three unique hard enamel pins crafted with pastels and love. We are still hard at work in our idea kitchen, excited to try new recipes and dream-up more sweet confections, but for now you should get these items while they’re hot! (Or you know, cool to the touch and ready to wear.)

The Confections Collection is available NOW! •




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  1. Omg I did the flowey display it is so cute thx tiff love u

  2. I really need the pin so dang CUTE!!!!!!!

  3. Would love to see the backpacks come back! I love love love them!

  4. Isabelle Bowling : July 22, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    I really need to save up for the pins. They’re so cute! ^u^

  5. I bought the Game Over t-shirt and it just arrived today. It is even more adorable in person! I absolutely love it and the t-shirt is very soft 🙂 Love it!! THanks, Tiff!

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