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The Holiday season is here and I wanted to get into the spirit by creating some DIY’s for myself and to share with you all! I decided to kick off the season with a Yandere Simulator Love Letter Ornament. It is a really simple DIY that anyone can create! Lets get started!

To make the mini envelope you are going to need a template! You can use this one here and just print it out. It is already set to size, just right click and save.

Cut out the template than trace this on the desired paper for your ornament. I would recommend using a thick card stock. I used a thick white glitter paper so it will glisten under the tree.

Now that your template is cut out, use a ruler to bend all the edges inward.

Now that all of your edges are folded, place glue on the two edges (dotted lines), and fold the flat bottom portion over it. If you want to put something inside the envelope, make sure the glue doesn’t seep off of the paper onto the inside. Now would be a great time to place a strand of Senpai’s hair in the envelope! Don’t forget to make a wish!


All that is left now is to fold down the top portion of the envelope. I just used hot glue for this.  Next I cut out a heart out of pink glitter paper. I also used a hot glue gun to glue down the heart. Now that your love letter is complete, use a hope puncher to punch a hole in the top corner of the envelope. Use a ribbon to attach it to the tree!


I hope you all enjoy this DIY tutorial and make these easy, yet so adorably cute, Yandere Simulator Love Letter Ornaments! Happy Holidays!




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