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Eye of Cthulhu Earrings – DIY GG


Hey everyone! Today I’m making these eye of Cthulhu earrings inspired by the game Terraria! Let’s get started You’ll need:  Polymer clay Exacto Knife Red acrylic paint Red thread Earring needle and stud Step 1: Grab your polymer clay and heat it up in your hands by rolling it. Once it’s in a ball, cut it in half with an ... Read More »

Minecraft Silhouettes – DIY GG

Minecraft Silhouettes-resize

Hey everyone! Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to make a DIY GG based on these spooky Minecraft Silhouettes! Let’s get started You’ll need: • Heavy duty paper     • Exacto Knife     • Ruler     • Wire     • Wire Cutters     • Candles     • Scissors Step 1: Grab your heavy duty paper (I’m using one that has glitter on it ... Read More »

The Book of Life: Sugar Skull Cookies – Quake n Bake


Hey everyone! As Halloween gets ever closer, I get more and more inspired to do Halloweeny stuff! This is where these awesome Sugar Skull cookies come into play which are inspired by  The Book of Life movie! Let’s get started You’ll need: • Sugar cookie mix     • Sugar Skull cookie cutter      • An egg     • Butter     • Various color icings     ... Read More »

Meme Face Challenge Part 2!


Hey everyone! We loved doing part 1 of the Meme Face Challenge and everyone seemed to like it so we decided to do part 2! Let’s get started and tell us who you think won! Cereal guy spitting face Captain Picard disappointed face Desk flipping memeDude come on faceForever alone happy face Genius face Gotta badass face     Impossibru ... Read More »

Minecraft Creeper Roll Cake w/AnneOrShine – Quake n Bake


Hey everyone! For this Quake N Bake, we’ll be making some delicious Minecraft Creeper Roll Cake with AnneOrShine! Let’s get started! You’ll need: ♥ Heavy whipping cream ♥ White granulated sugar ♥ White chocolate morsels ♥ Eggs ♥ Black and green food dye ♥ Confectioner sugar ♥ Butter ♥ Flour ♥ And strawberries! Step 1: First, we need to prepare ... Read More »

Meme Face Challenge!


Hey everyone! So my husband and I decided to do something a little bit different with this update! We wanted to create our own challenge so here is Meme face challenge! Let’s get started and tell us who you think won!   Oh you so cute! face Fuck that, Yao Ming face Y u no face Wow face Whyyyy face ... Read More »

Twitch Partnership!


Hello everybody! I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Cupquake here with some exciting news… I have officially partnered with Twitch and will be LIVESTREAMING more often! Being a partner gives you the option to subscribe, and subscribers get access to a special set of emotes! If you have any suggestions on what emotes you would like ... Read More »

IHasCupquake Weekly Wrap-Up


Hey everyone! This week positevely flew by in a flurry of games! My week began with a harrowing battle in Enchanted Oasis. All four of us femme fatales,  LDShadowLady, Mittymoxx and Vengelfe and I conquered an ominous tower and DEFEAT the Lich! After the battle, I rememered that there was still a full bag of goodies leftover from San Diego ... Read More »

Teen Choice Awards Nomination – Thank you!


Hey guys! As you may or may not know, I received some amazing news recently… that I was nominated for a Teen Choice award in the category Web Star: Gaming! Even writing it down still seems surreal! I was immediately transported back to the years I spent watching these awards, eyes glued to the screen, holding my breath when I ... Read More »

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