Our 2 player adventure begins

Our 2 player adventure begins

These are party favors that Red and I created for the wedding!

Thought I would share them with you guys since there so nerdy :p


  1. lol! Must have been an awesome wedding!

  2. Cupquake can you tell us on YouTube if you are going to do an omegle because some of your watchers don’t have Facebook or Twitter pleeaase!

  3. Hey everyone! Join this awesome server called Minecove!

    Name: Minecove

    Address: Minecove.org

    And u ihascupquake plz join it will make sooooooooooooooo etc happy! Xoxo

    Hooly xxx

  4. wow! Where did you get that? Where can we get it?

  5. Where do u live sexy gal

  6. hi!!!I am cat I watch all of your nooby wedds videos and cloud nine.i even watch mine craft oasis and on your videos and I see when red comes in from work he put a nice glow and happy felling in you.I think red is awesome he is nice and funny I think ya’ll are ment for each other.i remember when he did your make up. that was my fave one.i think ya’ll deserve each other.

  7. You and red make a happy couple together xxx wish you the best luck for the future because you don’t know what lies ahead xxxxxxx
    Plus I am waiting for an answer on Skype if u wanna be my friend xxx

  8. That was on the some month as my b-day

  9. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  10. aww so cute congrats even though this i really late lol

  11. u look so xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. I might get the xbox360 for minecraft will you be my friend?

  13. U are super cute red is so luckey to have u

  14. Pandagirl59935

    Hoi. I didnt know your name was Tiffany and his name was Maerio!!!!! ErrrMerrrGerrrrrrd! Weeeeerttt theeeerrrrrrr heeerrrrrrcccckkkkk!

  15. Can you put the banner online in the wallpaper section? They looks amazing! :3

  16. Larry Castaneda

    Awesome! <3 it!

  17. Do you has tat in blue lolollolollolllolololollol

  18. You two are soo cute together

  19. LOL that is awesome! I need to get something similer to that for my wedding!

  20. you guys look great in that photo :)

  21. Nice smiley face :p

  22. Yay I love when you play with red go noobweds

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