Win A Diamond Minecraft Sword or Pickaxe !!

Win A Diamond Minecraft Sword or Pickaxe !!

Thats right!! You can win one of these bad boys!  I am going to be a guest on at 48 hour Minecraft Livestream hosted by Qubetubers!!  They are streaming for Childs Play Charity So I wanted to give a little more incentive for people to donate!

All you have to do is donate $5 or more during my stream time ( 12pm – 1 pm Sat. pst) and YOU will be entered in a raffle to win!  The winner will be announced at the end of my stream time!


These are custom made by ME!! and One of a kind!!!

Visit for more details on other fun raffles and prizes!!

This is ALL for charity!! Hope to see you all there!!


  1. I want the diamond PICKAXE IT IS ADORABLE!!!!!! This is something that I want to say PEACE LOVE CUPQUAKE I have a shirt that says PEACE LOVE CUPCAKE so instead I said CUPQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As u can tell I’m such a big fan!❤ You :) keep up the good work on your minecraft gameplay remember KEEP COLM AND MINE ON. Your subscriber and friend Rainbowlalala3

  2. i am a big fan and i like the ep and the stuff you make =D

  3. I would love the diamond sword please $5

  4. so so adorable!!!u look so cut in the pic

  5. Andrea Bustamante

    i just love your videos i wish i could be as outgoing and fun as you! it would be an so cool to meet you although im young i really think your awesome the only reason i like minecraft now is because you got me interested in it with minecraft oasis im a true fan now just keep being you and i everything will be great :)

    ps i got some frie ds to suscribe to your channel they also really loved your videos

  6. u r so cool and i would luv to play minecraft with u someday and i luv your channel and idont care what i get i just want to play minecraft with u ;0

  7. cupquake fan 56

    i dont have any minecraft stuffe so can i have it :)

  8. Hey I really would like 1

  9. Gustavo Delgado

    Hey i want sword

  10. Hey cupquake I saw good he ham ham poor ham ham but u can get a Another one
    And find a good guy in the Village

  11. Hey cupquake I am 9 and I LOVE your videos they are awesome and I LOVE the minecraft videos you are awesome and cool and funny LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Camy McCafferty

    Hello Cupquake! I want one SOOOOOO badly!!! By the way, I keep dreaming of meeting you! I hope they can come true some day. I live at Hickory, NC. :)

    – Your BIGGEST fan,
    Camycamywamy :)

  13. Camy McCafferty

    Hello Cupquake! I want one of those SOOOOO badly!!! Btw, I keep having dreams of meeting you! I hope they can come true one day :) !

    – Your BIGGEST fan,
    Camycamywamy :)

    PS I live at Hickory NC :)

  14. HI TIFF AND RED anyways i just wanna say cats are my FAVOURITE animal and you are amazing so anyway i really love your vidsand i m english wich is akward but hey whats wrong with it! just saying i am in primary school and i am 10 sooooo bye bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I would love to help and donate money, but I am under 13 so I probably can’t. -Tyawesome

  16. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that it’s awesome you let to give us the chance to see your adventures in minecraft and all your other games. Me and my mom also saw several of your quake n’ bake videos and we might use them in our girl scout Alice in Wonderland party. Thanks for making awesome videos!

  17. Please Can i have a sword?

    • Hi cupquake I’m a bog fan and I love all the stuff you post/do I just wanted to let you know

    • You have to win the raffle, you just can’t ask and get one. That would totally be not fair to the rest of Cupquake’s fans who want one. :I

  18. Hey Tiff and I am a minecraft geek and had never had prizes when I had a test program in NJ and plz give me a prize I want to cherish something in my heart and tell Red that he s awsome and so are you (=^–^=)

  19. hi im Jahaadi Jones and im 10 years old and I really enjoy your video I have a desoter so I have no hair. My brother and I REALLY enjoy your videos so thank you for making them! I might send you a video of me singing so I really like your art and i even draw my our anime and do poems to go with it and you inspire me to keeping holding on to kindness and you tought me that not everyone is your friend. So i come here to thank you.

  20. i want it so much please

  21. i love your videos and i am in love with your cats !

  22. hi look at tihs! :) :( <3 :D :O

  23. Hello! cukequawe sorry for thr roing spelling but mabey we can d oa playthore togever soooo see ya thire :)

  24. Can you sell these again or at least 1 dor me lol please i will buy! i want a pickaxe:) signed by you:D

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